What is this make of women's shoes and accessories?

Several months ago I saw a woman wearing some really cool shoes. Odd, interesting, and attractive. They were black flats with a brass thing on top.

Since then, I’ve noticed more women wearing them. Lots of women. It’s a style that seems to be going viral.

Yesterday I met someone who had sandals that had the same metal doohicky, but it was chrome(?) instead of brass. Her bag had the same design. So did her wallet.

The design is a circle, maybe 2.5-3 inches across, with a stylized cross in it.

Who makes this?

Did they look like **these shoes **by Tory Burch? :confused: (Link is to google search results showing an assortment of shoes that seem to be what you described.)

Tory Burch/

That’s it! Thanks!

Wow, expensive. And nothing for men. Like I could afford it!