What is this mint-eating caterpillar? (pic included)

I was replacing the water for the sad sprig of mint that nobody seems to be eating, and a caterpillar fell out. So I put it back. It crawled around for a while, grabbed onto a leaf with its back grippers and waved hello to the world for a while, and then resumed eating. Well, at least someone’s enjoying it. :dubious: :smiley:

It’s maybe an inch long.

So, what do I do with it (apart from maybe buy it some more mint)? How long 'til it turns into a chrysalis, and where should I put it then? And what’s going to emerge at the end?

Succulent caterpillars like that make excellent fish bait. If you are intent on bringing on the next generation, though, just continue to feed it. It will make its own decisions about metamorphasis, at its own pace.

I first read the title as, “What is this mind eating caterpillar”!

My immediate thought was,
“I don’t know, but keep it the Hell away from me!”

Here’s an identification site:


Does it have legs in the middle of its body? If it doesn’t, and moves by bunching itself up and straightening out again, possibly some variety of inchworm or cabbage looper? Cabbage loopers apparently sometimes feed on mint plants.

Yup, it looks as though it’s a cabbage looper (or whatever they’re called over here). And here I thought it might be something slightly ususual.

Dude, it has a glowing red force field! What kind of caterpillars do you have that that isn’t unusual?

There is no force field around this caterpillar. There are never force fields around caterpillars. Do not believe bouv’s false and malicious rumours about caterpillars.

After eating all that mint, that caterpillar must be pretty tasty.