What is this on Google Maps

I was looking at some local places on Google Maps and found something curious in the middle of a field. It’s probably something a farmer uses since it’s on farmland, but I was just curious if you guys knew what it was. Here are the coordinates:

42°48’01.2"N 77°50’54.1"W


Since it is near an airfield, maybe some sort of town/airfield identifier?

Here’s a link to the coordinates in question.

It isn’t near an airfield; it’s in one, just off to one side of a grass landing strip. My guess is that it’s a windsock, or something of the kind.

Must be a calm day then … the circle is the limit of the sock when the wind’s blowing … the two tick marks show someone in the air the traffic pattern for the airstrip … meaning everyone does their downwind leg on the other side from the hangers and stuff.

Couple of DC-3’s ?

A segmented circle.


Nice … covers about everything except the airport markings for where to crash.

Looks like it could be a group of bee hives.

My thought as well.

I found them! They are white 44 Gallon drums, presumably for part of the air show, but as seen at around the 45 second mark of this short clip, seems this video was taken from standing among them… https://youtu.be/Hsq0SEerH9o?t=42s

Bear_Nenno nailed it. This small pdf is the FAA standard for their construction. See the last page for explanatory diagrams: http://www.faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Advisory_Circular/150_5340_5d.pdf

The one the OP found is pretty sloppy. It’s either temporary or installed at a very small private airport.