What is this photo?

Here’s a scan. I’m very taken with this photograph. There is no credit or information about the photo inside the brochure. It looks like a monastery. Hopefully, one of you is familiar with it.

Looks like a place in the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only. If that is correct it’s in Greece, or in the movie they said it was in Greece.

It’s the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Anapafsas, one of the monasteries of Meteora, in Greece. Scroll about half-way down the page, on the left.

Same group of monasteries, but not the exact same one. The one used in the Bond film was the Agia Triada, and is near the top of the page i linked above.

You can find the photo here:

Search for “David Ball”, then choose “Editorial” at the top. It’s on the first page of hits.

(I received this catalog too, and searched based on the copyright notice at bottom left.)

Wow. What dramatic landscapes. I can’t believe that I was totally unaware of these monasteries. Thanks, Dopers: as usual, you come through.

Scarlett67: I found the Corbis website from the copyright info also, but my search fu was weak, I guess.