What is this plant/bush/tree called?

Sorry about the blurriness.


Is it hard to care for?
Is it good for a bright small lobby with no direct sunlight?
Unrelated and just because: Cat

Looks like a type of arborvitae. Just bought a house with about 30 of them in the back yard. My wife wants them go asap.

looks like some kind of mediterranean cypress tree. I would need some close-ups of branches and fruit to be sure

Yep. Cypress or arborvitae.

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Satanist cat?

My first thought too. I’ve seem them potted like that before, with the spiral-looking main stem. I think they are artificially trained to grow that way, by wrapping the growing end of the stalk around a post as it grows, sort of bonsai-like.

Felis silvestris lybica catus

Looks like a Spiral Juniper

If so, they like full sun and unfortunately, I don’t see it thriving indoors for long.

Thank you all for the replies. It looks like it wouldn’t be good fit for the lobby here.

If you like the spiral form, you might find an Ivy trained on a frame that will tolerate indoors with bright light and some extra care.

Ivy Spiral Tree