What is this scream? -Not Wilhelm

Ok, I just discovered the Wilhelm… that is a WAV recording of it, so I know for a fact that thise scream is not what I am after.

It most commonly is found in Animated Goofy shorts. (That is, 5-7 minute episodes the Walt Disney character)
if Animation can go far with using the same frame over and over again- (Wylie Coyote has fallen over the save cliff I don’t know how many times, and the “555” train gets around) It must get further with this scream. Because of its commonplace-ness, it must have a name, either offically, or un offically.

It is dead on the same all of the time, Butchered here because of a text media, it roughly tanslates to:

Yah----Hoo------Hooo----eeeeeeee ((It slightly goes up in the middle))

I’m very curious about this as well. It’s not only Goofy cartoons that have it (although he does it most often), Donald Duck also does the exact same scream when he falls.