What Is This Skin Disease/Bad Photoshop Job?

You know those “one weird trick” ads that you see all the time? Well, here’s one that I see pretty frequently:

I must admit that if diabetes causes the skin to emit spherical globules of schmutz, I’ve not heard of it.

Is this some skin disease (that, presumably, has nothing to do with diabetes but is meant to get the viewer’s attention), or just some kind of photoshop job?

That looks like she was kneeling on gravel, not something oozing out.

Yeah, that’s a picture of the result of kneeling on gravel.

No, it’s a schoolgirl who has been forced to kneel on frozen peas for hours.

It’s really horrific what people do to children in the name of “discipline.”

Those are knees? I thought they were finger tips.

Yes, those are knees. They do look like fingertips as presented in the image in the OP, but definitely knees. Look at TruCelt’s link. The punishment my mom had growing up on a farm in Poland was similar: kneeling on dried peas/split peas for a period of time. (I would have that frozen peas would eventually melt and squish.)

I can’t seem to view the picture for some reason, but there have been several of those “skin disease” ads that seemed to be a mashup of human skin (fingers, hands) and the back of a suriname toad that is just starting to give birth.

I gotta say a pic like that would sure make *me *want to click the link to buy whatever they’re selling. Not.

This advertising tactic must work, but who are these morons they’re targeting?

It’s called “click-bait.” These are not advertisers per se. They are paid to get folks to the page to see the advertisement. So all they want to do is get you curious enough to click ont he picture. Very often you never get an explanation or see the original image again.

The way to find out is to right click and get the URL for the image itself. Then go to google images, and click on the camera icon. Paste in the image URL, and it will search and find all the pages where the image exists. Then you can usually find an explanation.

For some this is a waste of time, for others, it’s an absolute necessity.

“Curiosity killed the Celt!”

That particular piece of clickbait exploits the attention-grabbing powers of patterns of small round markings, especially on living tissue.


It’s the good ol’ lotus seed pod photoshop job.

Are you referring to the photo in the OP? Because that’s not a Photoshop job. It’s knees on frozen peas.

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