what is this song????

it was on an old skate video that i had about 6/7yrs ago. its a strange song that has these lyrics in it.

“what a day to be walking in nevada, what a day to be [insert something that rhymes i cant remember this part]”

“oh oh i got a little problem, oh oh i got a little problem”

its quite a slow song. ive searched google for the lyrics but it came up with nothing.

please help

Maybe someone over in Cafe Society can help…

There was a song that was popular in the '60s (I think) that was used in a car commercial or a movie a few years ago. Drives me nuts when I think of it, because I don’t know if it’s searchable.

Waddi ayiiiyo
Wah! Wah! Wah!

Or something like that. :confused:

I googled “walking in nevada” and the only thing I came up with was this:

Come to think of it, the song I don’t know might have been from an Austin Powers film. Or maybe not. Cripes, now I’m thinking of it!

I dug out the lyrics for that song and it doesn’t look like the one he’s looking for:


Maybe we can just come up with a song for him instead?

What a day to be walking in Nevada
What a day to be without my Grenada.
Oh oh I got a little problem, oh oh I got a little problem.
Why’d it have to rain when my battery’s dead again?

Oooooooh aiiiyo
Waddi ayiiiyo
Wah! Wah! Wah!
My battery’s dead again.

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Johnny L.A., do you mean “Mais Que Nada”? That’s on the first Austin Powers soundtrack.

That’s probably it. I’ll have to hear it to be sure, but it sounds right.

“My battery’s dead again”? Is that in the song? :confused:

The band is King Kong, the album is Funny Farm, and the song is “Uh-Oh”.

Only 7 years. Is this a record?

Zombie King Kong!

Holy smokes, mightywombat–how did you stumble upon this mummified thread?

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I think this is an old Kingkong song…“what a day to be walking in Nevada. The sun, it cooks me like a chicken enchilada…uh oh, I’ve got a little problem…” I’ve Googled it several times, trying to find it, and for some reason, all my search results reveal, this post. I had the cassette once, years ago. I had picked it up at some record store in Flagstaff, Az, while on a road trip. :slight_smile: years later, but, if you hadn’t already found it, hope this helps!

I was thinking “Why don’t they link to YouTube”? But then I see the date was 2003, which was, believe it or not, before YouTube even existed.