What is this sound my rat is making?

We got a couple of pet rats last month. They’re adjusting to the house well enough, but one was making a strange noise earlier.

It’s sort of a “whooo whooo whooo whooo whooo” sound. The pitch is much lower than a squeak and it’s a little more breathy.

He wasn’t acting any differently, but was in a new situation. I’m curious about what the significance of the sound is.

Anyone know?

Could be a respiratory infection. Mine have never made that noise, but one of my sister’s ones made someting kind of like when it had a respiratory infection. It might only be making noises when its in a new situation for the same reason the sneeze in a new situation.

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I’ve had rats in the house for years-- I finally decided to make pets of them. ;^)

Rats have a tendency to develop respiratory problems. These and cancer are leading causes of death in the little varmints. The first suggestion I would make is that if you’re using pine or cedar shavings in their house, STOP immediately. Not good for the lungs. Switch to shredded newspaper. If that doesn’t help in a few days, off to the vet. Make sure to pick one who likes to treat so-called exotic pets.

Hope that helps. Feel free to post again with any other Ratquests!

I agree with the others, my rat always made noises like that when he got the “rat flu”. Of course, he also made them when he developed the tumor in his lungs that killed him…

My first thought, like everyone else, was mycoplasma. hyjyljyj’s right on with the nixing of the pine or cedar shavings. I recommend Carefresh, good stuff.

He’s humming* “Ben”.*

Thanks for the replies so far.

It sounded like he was making the sounds on purpose, not like it was a by-product of a breathing problem. His breathing doesn’t sound labored or anything. Nevertheless, I’m certainly no expert. I’ve given the little guy a closer look.

No dried red stuff around the eyes or nose. He certainly hasn’t lost his appetite and seems as energetic as ever (of course, I only have three weeks of his behavior to go by).

We’ve used shredded newspaper since the beginning, so that hopefully is not an issue.

I have noticed occasional sneezing from each of them but it hasn’t seemed excessive. They’re both little balls of energy and don’t seem to have any health issues that are obvious to me.

I’ll keep watch on him though and if it persists, I’ll take him to the vet.

Thanks again.

God, I love the SDMB.