What is this symbol?

This is my hat.

It was my grandpa’s hat and now it’s mine. I like to wear this hat while fishing, golfing, or doing other things where my head needs protection from the sun.

What I don’t know is if the symbol on the front has any meaning. I’d hate to think I’m going around broadcasting messages to people that I don’t intend to.

It’s hard to google for a symbol, so I thought I’d come to the great brains here.

It seems to be military-like to me, but my grandfather was never in any branch of military service as far as I know.

Please help ID my hat!

It’s a sailing flag if the image on this site is correct

apparently it means letter Z (Zulu) and means you require a Tug. (I hope that isn’t some subtle sexual request of the more perverse nature) :wink:

It almost looks like the nautical flag for the letter z. but the colors don’t match.

Probably the picture was a reverse image.

Interesting. No wonder random people keep tugging me.

Does it matter that there is no blue on the hat? The two darker triangles are definitely both black.

And it’s odd that the red and yellow on the hat are on the left and right and not top and bottom, as in the two cites.

Any other theories?

The patch was sewn on incorrectly. Rotate it a quarter turn.

Maybe it was sewn on sideways on purpose, so that after a night of hard partying and the wearer is in a horizontal position the request for a tug would be more appropriate. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the responses so far, but I think perhaps I made a tactical error by posting this on a Friday afternoon.

I shall use my allowed one bump to see if there might be anyone else out there with any info about this. I really am curious to know.

It could be a nautical thing, my grandpa used to work on ore boats and always like to fish, though I don’t recall him ever sailing.

Maybe I’ll have to live with never knowing for sure, oh well.

Have a look arround this site, more flags here than you can wave a flag at. http://flagspot.net/flags/flag-.html

The hat appears to be in very good condition - almost like new. Your grandfather must not have worn it much.