What is this thing on google earth?

If you go to “36 Paulson Road, Farmington, NH 03835” there is a several-acre white area. What is that likely to be?

Image here:
It appears to be an iced over lake or pond.

Do you have the newest version of Google Earth? If so, go up top to the icon that has a clock on it and move the slider back to see some earlier images-- in earlier pictures it’s just a field.

As for what it is, I’d think it’s just some artifact of the aerial photography-- for some reason everything in that little corner that’s supposed to be brown is white. Could it be snow? Maybe just some killer glare?

EDIT: Actually you have to look at a more recent picture to see that it’s a field (you can tell it’s more recent because they clearcut across the street). I don’t know why GE comes up with the earlier image by default-- maybe it’s higher res.

I didn’t have the newest version of GE. Neat feature. It’s still kind of an odd field, though–perhaps just plowed when the photos were taken? The white is strange.

It’s just an overexposed image. Take a look at street view on Rt 153.

It’s snow. - just not too thick so its only visible on the roads and cut fields.

There is a better view on the Bing maps (formerly, and still responding to http://maps.live.com)

Just a big open sandy area.

I thought it might have been like these white patches near my house. Those really are white, being Austin Chalk. I ride my bike through them.