What is this thing used by clown firefighters?

I’m talking about the piece of rescue equipment constructed from a tarp stretched into a circle by a circle of metal such that it’s under enough tension that when you hit it, you bounce, breaking your fall. It’s a ready-made version of using a blanket to do the same thing.

If you’ve seen Dumbo, you should know pretty well what I’m talking about here.

What’s its name?

That’s what I always called it.

ETA Life Net
That was from the wiki page on trampolines and it (the life net page) even mentions the red dot in the center.

I believe it’s technically a life net, but yeah, it’s basically a trampoline.

Fascinating. I knew it had a specific name.

Browder Life Safety Net

It’s amazing how difficult it can be to find information on something when your mind blanks on a single key word.

Did anybody notice the Wiki article on Life Nets referenced Cecil?
ETA Or did someone just add that?

Yes, noticed. Mentioned twice, both times along with the word “researcher”. (And Footnote #2 shows four references.) This is not the usual writing style of Wikipedia articles.

Cecilpedia article.

Wait, are they clowns that put out fires, or fire fighters that put out flaming clowns?

seltzer bottle is a small fire extinguisher.

cream pie is a fire suppressing foam delivery system.

They could easily stamp out the fire with their enormous shoes.

Costs are kept down because they only need truck transports regardless of the number of firefighters.

Everything has a specific name. My in-the-canal hearing aid has a tiny stick used to remove the device from the ear canal. Mine broke off recently. I learned that it is called a retrieval wand!:smiley:

Couldn’t you have just used an aglet?

Too big.:frowning:

A pooter?