What is this thing?

A friend of mine showed me something he found. It looks somewhat industrial, but nobody can figure it out:

A ring, about an inch and a half in diameter, about a centimeter high. It was made of nine circles, one cm. in diameter around the outside.
The whole thing was made of metal, in two pieces, welded together to join the half-circles.

I know the description is vague, but does anyone know what this thing is?

Thanks in advance

Possibly a ball-bearing assembly part? Can you post a photo?

I agree with Q.E.D. that you’ve done a good job of describing the cage in a ball bearing. Does it look like this? Is keeps the balls distributed around the races so the load is distributed and they don’t touch which would cause them to rub in opposite directions rather than roll.

axle Bearing for the front right (passenger side) axle of a 1989 Toyota Corolla. I can’t find an exact link, but it kinda looks like this.

That, of course, is a wild ass guess. It could easily be the driver’s side.

Either that, or the key to the gates of hell.


Give Padeye a cigar! Except for the inner and outer casings, that’s exactly what it is.

I knew I could rely on the Teeming Millions to supply me with the wisdom I needed to impress someone.
Thanks loads!

Oh, and NurseCarmen? I knew it wasn’t the key to the gates of hell…I have one of those on my keyring.

I bet you have an interestring tool/toybox.