What is this thread icon?

Next to a thread that I started in IMHO is a strange envelope icon thingy that Ive never seen before. It has an envelope with a big black dot in the middle.

What does this mean? Ive seen the one with a lock, or the one with an arrow, but this is a new one.

Yes, it is new. It marks threads that you have posted in.

It’s new, and it’s evil. I think that feature is responsible for the horrible board slowdown today. Turn it off, turn it off!!!

If so, it is truly a tool of Satan!

Hrm… pending the possuble overuse of the hamsters, I like it. I post about five times a day, and I forget sometimes where I’ve posted. So I’ll usually search for them. Now I won’t have to as often.

The implementation of this feature came only after a long and heated debate concerning it. Read this thread started by qts to get the whole story if you have a few minutes. Read until TubaDiva’s post, when she finally decides to give it a try.

Leave out a smiley or two, Achernar?

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is that better?


Just MHO:

It kinda creeps me out. It looks like a bullet hole. “This thread has been shot by the sniper.”

No offense to the mods. The idea is actually pretty cool! It’ll just take some getting used to. When this board was brand new, “Submit Reply” and “Preview Reply” were large white circles with just enough shading to make them look convex. Those also creeped me out, because they reminded me of Rover, from The Prisoner. So be it.

(Now I’ll have sniped a thread in this forum!)

This thread will henceforth have THE BLACK SPOT OF DEATH.

It has been warned!

Hopefully the slow boards issues which just happened to start at the same time are entirely unrelated. I hope.

I notice they turned the feature off again, and the boards are running fast again. Coincidence? I think not

See here.

No no no. It means you have moderator points.

It’s gone now. Strange. Good, it freaked me out.