What is this white stuff forming on the bricks in my basement?

Hey guys,

I have a picture here: http://ompldr.org/vNW0zeQ/weirdbrickstuff.jpg of something that seems to be forming (even behind the paint in one room where most of the bricks are painted, causing the paint to fall off) on the bricks in my basement. What is it? Well, by my basement, I mean my apartment (in a basement). I hope there isn’t any health hazard.

I can’t view the picture, but I’ll bet it’s efflorescence.

I had this exact same thing in my basement. I was also freaked out about it possibly being mold so I talked to an expert. He said it’s just water seaping through, didn’t make a big deal about and suggested I paint over it with a few coats of sealant paint. I was kind of surprised at his response. Just to be safe, I sprayed it first with some mold killer stuff, then painted with the sealant.

You seem to be correct. Does that mean it is too damp in the basement? I don’t think it is water seeping through because most of those parts are on the above ground bricks.

In my case, water was seeping through because I had a broken gutter dumping water right outside the basement wall. I believe it is usually caused by outside seepage, not necessarily dampness inside. You might want to check outside that baseball wall for suspect drainage.