What Is Today's Dilbert Cartoon About (6-17)

What in the heck is today’s Dilbert cartoon all albout

Dilbert June 17th

Does “You owe me an old carpet” have to make sense? She just made it very clear she’s insane.

As for the work-dodging, see yesterday’s strip.

I assume that the insanity (which is self-evident because she’s in love with Wally, really) included her killing her husband, who was transported out of the house wrapped in an old carpet.

She murdered her husband and wrapped the body in a carpet, perhaps?


This was my assumption as well. Although, she’s just evil enough to be faking it in order to punish Wally for attempting to involve her in his scheme.

. . . standing by . . .

ETA: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 . . . You owe me a coke! ! !

Looks like a continuation of the theme established in the previous day’s strip, in which Wally suggests to her a plan to reserve all the meeting rooms in his name for the next year. By this, Wally hopes to avoid doing any real work for the next year, and she will be freed from the task of scheduling meetings, as all the meeting rooms are permanently booked.

Yesterday’s Dilbert (6-16) was funny. At least to me, because my GM actually did that for me. I was in charge of reserving banquet rooms in the hotel and the meeting room he had me reserve in his name for every work day one year in advance.

But this is also just about what April did for Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation. Weeks and weeks ago.