What is Toe Jam?

I’ve heard references to this “item” for years… but never in clear fashion. While my initial supposition was that it might be something naughty, a quick perusal of Google and the Web provides no confirmation of such.

I see that there’s a funk group called Toe Jam and Earl, that it’s possible to compare prices on recommended Toe Jam products from across the web, and that there’s to be a Toe Jame Workshop in Waco coming up soon.

Still, I’m at a loss. What in the heck is it and how long will it last in my refrigerator?

How long will toe jam last in your refridgerator?

This is a joke, right?

After a hot, sweaty day on your feet, take your socks off and rub your index finger between your toes. That ball of crud, made up of lint, dirt, gland secretions and other such stuff is “toe jam.” It will keep 4 to 6 weeks if refrigerated. :smiley:

Actually, I thought toe jam referred to the stuff that got packed up under the corners of your toenails (it’s especially abundant under the big toenail, and you can get it out with the pointy thing on a nail clipper) rather than the stuff between your toes. I thought the “jam” part came from the fact that it’s “jammed” under there so tightly that it usually comes out in a hard clump of congealed dead skin, sock lint, dirt, and other assorted crud.


The OED cites it in print from 1934 and defines it as the dirt that accumulates between the toes. But I think I’m off to find out more.

See if there are citations for toe jelly and toe marmalade as well.

Actually, I think the stuff is a lot more like toe marmite.

Cecil knows all.

Nah, the solid stuff you scrape from under the nails is toe cheese.

You won’t see much toejam unless you have a fungal infection, or spend your day in dirty, dusty areas. Or if you have brand new fluffy linty socks on. Whenever I notice toe jam, it’s time to buy some Tinactin.

For a special treat, try smelling that stuff. I mean the toe jam, not the Tinactin. Tinactin is odorless, IIRC.

In rock climbing, a toe jam is a technique where you jam your toes into a crack in the rock. There are also finger jams, fist jams, arm bars, etc. I’ve always wondered whether this use was first, and the leap to “toe jam” as the yummy substance between the toes came as a logical consequence.

If you jam your toe into a girl’s pussy, I believe that’s called “shrimping.” But you should wash your feet before you do that to get all the toe jam off.

Interesting. I remember in late elementary/early middle school a friend and I thought we were cool because we knew what “shrimping was”, but wouldn’t tell anyone. But according to my friend (original source unknown), shrimping was sucking the semen out of someone’s penis with a straw. Which, now that I think about it, seems like something that would be very difficult, or painful to do

I believe the act of which you speak is called “skeeting”

While FriendRob’s verbal form is that which is most appealing to my stomach, I guess that* pedestrian digit jelly* more closely approximates an acceptable answer to the OP.

I sincerely hope this doesn’t affect my level of enjoyment the next time I listen to Marley’s song.

Thanks to all…

Toe Jam and Earl is also a video game for Sega Genesis and Xbox. I don’t know if it came before or after the band.

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