What is toe sucking?

My new girlfriend asked me this morning to suck her toes. I told her I thought it was gross( her feet were dirty from the floor ) but she says she likes it. I’ve never heard of it.

And this is a question?

Toe sucking is the act of sucking someones toes. Apparently, some people like that sort of thing. These people tend to be dvivided in toe suckers and toe suckees.

Anything else?

why the hell would she like it?

Why are some people coprophiles? Why do some people like golden showers? Why do some people like bondage? Why do some people scour the net for facials, fisting or eight-foot double-ended monster dildos? Because they just like it.

Horses for courses, that’s all (no bestiality jokes, please)

Back in my bachelor days I had a delightful experience with a new girlfriend. Early on in foreplay she strayed down to my feet and spent a few moments lightly demonstrating her oral technique on my big toe. It was very exciting, no doubt because of my anticipation that this would be applied elsewhere. I wouldn’t call it deviant or a fetish at all, just a brilliant piece of foreplay. I will argue that sex is mostly in your mind. She didn’t necessarily like sucking my toe and in fact didn’t really suck it, and I didn’t get physical pleasure from having my toe sucked. It was just a sensual trick to heighten arousal, prolong foreplay, and build anticipation.