What is/was Sunera (breakfast food)?

When googling “Sunera” I get the IT company, and when googling Sunera breakfast food, I get a lot of results, but they all say “missing: Sunera” or direct me to Sunora Foods, so that’s no help.

Upon opening a time capsule from the 1930s, a hospital menu was found. There are three rotating “breakfast” menus, which include toast, jam/honey/marmalade, either eggs or bacon, coffee, and one of cream of wheat, rolled oats, or sunera. I gather from this that sunera is probably some kind of cereal, but does someone have more information?

If region is helpful, I’m in Southern Ontario but a lot of Inuit patients came to the area for TB treatment (the hospital began as a sanatorium), and the name could also be Amish/Mennonite in origin. Is/was Sunera a brand name? A name of a certain recipe? What?

My Google-Fu suggests that “Sunera” is a brand of canola oil. Perhaps in previous decades it referred to some sort of rapeseed cereal?

You are probably on to something there… They feed it to calves now…


I must say that doesn’t seem very appetizing.