What is with the weather the last few years?

What is going on with the weather? In the last four years in Minnesota we have had 3 warmer and/or shorter than normal winters. The weather has become very inconsistant. For example,
about 2 weeks ago in Minnesota we had one of the bigger snowfalls of the year and some of the coldest temperatures of the winter and yesterday it got up to 91 dergees!! 90s In the middle of APRIL!!! We are supposed to be in the 50s! Can anyone tell me what is going on? It is so wierd seeing a lake still with floating ice while it is 90+.

By the way Minnesota’s record high was shattered yesterday by 11 degrees. Old 82 Yesterday 93!:confused:

Answer #1 Global warming, depletion of the ozone layer, and other forms of environmental devestation are wreaking havoc with the weather.

Answer #2 The earth naturally goes through fluctuations in the weather due to certain environmental, atmospheric and astronomical considerations that I can’t/won’t get into here and now.

Answer #3 El Niño.

Take your pick.

Take any point in history, and ask someone about the weather. They’ll always tell you that the most recent few years have been screwey, but everything before that was normal. I can only speculate about the causes of this, but a few possibilities come to mind. For instance, maybe each decade is extraordinary in a different way. You’re currently experiencing atypical temperatures, so you look at the temperature records. But I’ll bet that your precipitation levels are pretty close to normal. Perhaps a decade or two ago, the temperatures were predictable, but folks were asking why they were getting so much rain. And thirty years before that, maybe it was cloud cover.