What is your absolute favorite movie of all time?

I don’t think I have a favorite movie, but that’s a damn good one.

Return of the Living Dead.

Ah, my favorite brain soup. Cream of nowhere.

Lots of terrific movies mentioned, but I will go with Rashomon by Kurosawa.

…I had to think hard before voting a different way.


I always answer The Godfather to this question. The truth is I don’t really have one in the way people mean. I just never re-watch movies/tv shows like most people do. So I don’t do things like watch Die Hard every Christmas, or watch all the Halloween movies on Halloween. The closest I think I ever came to bingeing a tv show was with the recent Wheel Of Time series and that still took me a couple of weeks to watch 10(?) episodes.

Kind of funny to see this today as I hadn’t heard anyone talk about Mary Poppins for years and it turned up yesterday in the Movies You Watched Recently thread. Let’s just say their opinion was a little different than yours. :grinning:

Did I read this correctly and there are 2 versions of this movie? Is one entirely Japanese and the other dubbed/subtitled in English? Because I want to see this one.

It’s a shame this movie has fallen into semi-obscurity. It’s a great movie and make sure you catch the original and not the remake.

C’mon, you have to give him Dog Day Afternoon too.

I’m sure you can find it in Japanese with English subtitles - and Nick Adam’s dubbed by a Japanese actor - but otherwise they are probably identical (unlike the first Godzilla movie). Invasion of Astro-Monster is the legit title, but the American Pictures International title, Monster Zero, is how it’s remembered by old farts like me who discovered it under that name on TV in the 1970s.

I thought I would have to buy something that old, so I googled it and it’s free on YouTube! I know what I’m watching tonight, though my wife may be a little surprised. Thanks for mentioning this.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Talk Radio (1988, directed by Oliver Stone), with Eric Bogosian, Alec Baldwin, John C. McGinley.

A toss up between Butch Cassidy and The Matrix. Crowd pleasers.

Great to see some votes for my favorite: Local Hero

Nuts in May

I feel his Godfather acting was one thing that he was never able to repeat, subtle. So many of the great moments in the movie happened on his face and in his eyes. The scene outside of the hospital. When he confirms Carlo set up Sonny. All very subtle. Dog Day Afternoon wasn’t subtle.

That’s definitely my favorite Coen Bros. movie. I can watch it a bunch of times and see something new each time. It’s like Gosford Park – another fav.

Joy Luck Club

Secrets and Lies

Yeah, I have to agree with you about Pacino often being over the top. Godfather wins hands down on the subtlety front.

To Kill a Mockingbird, followed by The Haunting (1963).

Dinner Rush, just so perfectly done I enjoy rewatching it periodically even though I know how it goes

This one definitely hits my top three list … and it’s available on Youtube for free.

At least you’re not wierd enough (let’s hope) to have watched it close to 25 times, memorized every single line of dialogue (well, Kieth’s, anyway) and revivied one’s sense of Halloween decorum (considering I’ve never given one boof about the occasion) by donning a tweed cap at a Halloween party, where to my suprise not a soul could guess who my (heh, beardless) Brit-pedant was.
I even had my watch down around my fucking ankle!!!