What is your cat's (cats') favorite part of YOU?

Oh yes.

Nothing like relaxing on the couch when suddenly 2 sets of claws start hypodermically piercing your skull - the cat has crept along the back of the couch and struck!

I give you 2 thumbs up, one for calling my out on my typo, as any good Doper would do, and second for a Bull Durham meme, because I think it’s one of the most overlooked sports comedies of all time.

:+1: :+1:

And right after it happens they stop and lick their paws as though the skid was what they intended all along.

Love love love the movie Bull Durham!

“From what I hear, you couldn’t hit water if you fell out of a fucking boat.”

Referring to Edith Piaf as “that crazy Mexican singer.”

skitter skitter skitter skitter THUMP skitter skitter

“Boy, you gots ta learn to back off the trottle goin’ into Turn Two.”

I know a cat that will climb onto a convenient bookshelf, or just take a standing leap up from the floor, and land on your shoulders or the back of your neck. If left sufficiently undisturbed, she will stay there indefinitely, like a heavy, furry stole, and fall asleep.

My chest, at night, with gravity paws, while meowing. Also, simultaneously trying to stuff his nose into my mouth. Yes, he’s a treasure. Did I mention he weighs 17 pounds?

Q’itih jumps up on the arm of my chair and then “flumps” down on my chest wanting a cuddle. I of course oblige and we have an intimate few moments until she wants out of my grasp.

Left side and perhaps specifically my left shoulder. He liked to drape his body vertically across the left side of my chest, with his own head and shoulders draped over my left shoulder. Very occasionally he’ll go horizontal across my chest, but almost never on the right.

You could take out the word “sports” and your statement would still be true.

Jovie’s favorite part of me is my smelly essence.

I read somewhere (probably not here) that one should not make one’s bed immediately after getting up in the morning. Better to let it air out and cool down a bit, releasing any moisture from night sweats or whatever.

Jovie has decided that the sweaty, warm, wrinkly hollow in the bed, where I’ve lain for the previous 8 hours, is a must-visit napping site. Oh well, I wasn’t going to be making the bed for a couple hours anyway.

My hands are probably the most useful to them, but apparently I have a nice lap. Nice enough to willingly share, which means me being weighed down by closing in on 30lbs of cat.