What is your cat's (cats') favorite part of YOU?

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I’m not going to make this a poll, 'cause that could get really weird. But launching from the other thread, what part of YOU does your cat seem to like the best? (Some of this has been covered in the other thread, I know.)

My cat Tikva crawls up on me when I’m in bed-- even when I take a nap. She lands on the bed like a bowling ball dropped from outer space–WHAM! Then she crawls up on her favorite part. I sleep on my side, so it’s the area right at my waist below my rib cage. She drapes herself there and will sleep soundly. On cool nights, it’s nice to have the self-warming, furry heating pad. When I roll over to the other side, she’ll get up and then re-drape in the same spot on the other side.

My cat EC loves it when I make my hand into a cone and she can jam her face into it. I had a cat once who would let you pet him anywhere, just don’t touch my face! EC is the opposite–she loves to have her face rubbed slowly and firmly. Maybe it’s because when she was a newborn foundling 10 years ago she had terrible mange all over, but especially on her face. I wonder if the nerves there like the soothing feel of being stroked hard. She is sleek and gorgeous now. And endlessly pampered.

Warning/spoiler. Distressing kitten picture.


My chest, without a doubt. All 4 of my feline overlords (and ladies) fight over who gets to curl up on my chest whenever I sit down. Anybody who has ever seen me in a Zoom meeting has also seen a cat (probably Pixel) absolutely determined to take her place on my chest. It’s easy for them to stay there, given my front-mounted, modular, personalized food-storage unit.

My hands. They make with the chow.

My boys are still babies so they haven’t really staked their claims on WOOKland yet. So far, Willis loves to be in my lap when I’m working at my desk. He either plays keyboard hopscotch until I pick him and put him on my lap or he’ll silently creep in and jump up on my lap, landing suddenly and perfectly. Makes me think of the opening credits for Bewitched , where the black cat jumps up into Derwood’s arms.

Newman seems to like feet with socks on them.

I can’t wait until they start shnuggling with me in bed.

My left hip. Whenever I’m sitting on the couch, eating/watching TV, there’s my kitty Vienna, glued to my left hip. My previous cat was glued to my right hip.

Aw, poor little puss. Good to know she wound up with a person like you.

I don’t currently have a cat, so can’t answer the question, but did you ever notice cats like eyelashes? I’ve had more than one cat who would smell my eyelashes with fascination.

Definitely my fingernails. They love their skritches.

So sweet! Reminds me of this cartoon (yeah, I save cute cat cartoons :sunglasses:):

Good dog Ned!

– one of mine seems enamored of the top of my head, which he likes to fall asleep curled around. And, if I’ll let him, kneading on; only I won’t let him except for very briefly, because it hurts.

My cat likes the crook of my knee when I’m lying on my side in bed. When it’s cold, he gets more snuggly, climbing into my lap and poaching as much body heat as he can get. But in warmer weather, he likes to be close yet just out of skritching range.

Yeah, there’s the pain…

Years ago I wore my hair really long and had a cat that liked to get up on my pillow, make a nest out of my hair, and curl up in it to sleep. She had a nose whistle, so when she jumped up on the foot of the bed and made her way up to me, I’d hear purring and a soft whistle as she got closer. She’s been at the Rainbow Bridge a loooong time…45+ years.

None. Ursala tolerates me petting her and will occasionally jump on my lap for warmth. She doesn’t sleep on the bed with me. We are essentially roommates.

Lately my cat wants to snuggle up against my stomach while I’m sleeping, but for a while he always wanted to sleep on my feet.

The back of my hand.

It’s the non-threatening part that I can use for neck scratches and head rubs. Even after all these years.

Our long-ago cat Midnight, a gorgeous long-haired Maine Coon with a paralyzed tail, used to like to lie on my chest when I was reading in bed before going to sleep. But she’d run out of the room as soon as I switched off the light.

Kage is obsessed with my left armpit. If I’m on my back in bed, he’ll come up, rub his head around in my armpit and then do a weird sort of side-flop so that my arm is wrapped around him.

Earnest is very insistent on being in my lap, under my laptop, when I’m working.

I have 2 cats, one wife, and thus 4 answers. :roll_eyes:

For the wife, Cat # 1 (female) barely tolerates her existence, and will run from the room if she tries to get too close. Although she does love to be chased. Having said that, if wife is napping, Cat # 1 loves to sleep next to her stomach where there’s maximum heat. But if the wife wakes up, it’s a sprint out of the room.

Cat # 1 believes she’s my wife, and that my wife is the shameless hussy. So she loves to jump in my lap and purr, then give the wife the side-eye.

Cat # 2 (male) thinks my wife is God-Mom. It must be in the same room with her at least 90% of the time. His favorite place is when the wife is sleeping he must MUST curl up in a ball behind her knees and sleep with her.

Cat # 2 thinks I’m . . . adequate. I sometimes feed him, and can be moved to let him out on the catio or in to sleep with God-Mom. The only parts of me he likes is my hands, which may be used to vigorously brush him with a whisk broom. His second favorite is my ankles, which he grabs and bites when I have decided (prematurely in his mind) that I have stopped whisking him before he’s satisfied. Which would take approximately 100 million cat years.

The cat or the wife? If both, simultaneously or sequentially?

I foster kittens, and I have a big beard. They all love it to greater or lesser degrees. They’ll play with it, try to nurse it, burrow into it, nap beneath it, and just generally use it as a surrogate mother.

If the beard could open cans of cat food, the rest of me would be completely unnecessary.

Heh. Cat # 1 loves to be chased. My wife enjoys chasing said cat from time to time. Cat # 1 doesn’t normally chase anyone other than Cat # 2.

I do love watching a cat spin out on the tile though. It’s always hilarious.

As for if I like chasing my wife, I please the fifth. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You please the fifth?