Do cats have favorites?

It has been my experience that all cats have their favorites. They like one member of the family best.

My friend found a cat in the alley it was a kitten. She brought it in cleaned it up, got it shots, feeds it, brushes it and of course the cat likes her father the best.

Hanging out with him sleeping with him. Then it likes her mother and sister better than her.

I told her cats were like this they all have thier favorites and she wouldn’t move up on the cat’s list till one of the others goes away.

I agree. I’m lucky because I am a cat person and both of the cats in my family prefer me. One, Simms, only sleeps on my bed at night (most likely because my parents keep her out of their room and my brothers room smells so bad the cat won’t go near it, but that’s ok). My other cat was originally a stray, spends most of her time outside, and hates everyone but me.

The cat I’ve had for 11+ years (Trouble) likes me best. Molly likes hubby best. Punkin doesn’t seem to care, as long as we feed him.

We have 2 cats: A pure bred Russian Blue male named Napolean, and a half siamese/half British short hair nammed Bunn E… Napolean is friendly to everyone, and I wouldn’t say he has any favorites.

But Bunn E. is timid (not unfriendly, just shy) except toward our 16 year old. He sleeps with him, follows him around, everything. I have no idea why this is.

My family took in a stray cat and her kittens several years ago when the kittens’ eyes were still fully shut. We gave three of the kittens to good homes, and kept two.

Tybalt, the only male of the bunch and a whopping 24 pounds, worships me. Even though I’m currently away at college he’ll mew at the door of my (empty) bedroom for hours.

Calypso, the other kitten we kept, definitely prefers my mother. This makes sense, as my mother, like myself, is allergic to cat fur.

Caliban “The Ankle Magnet” on the other hand, loves everyone. She even rushes out to greet the FedEx guy. This from an ex-stray who used to be terrified of humans … go figure. :slight_smile:

Our siamese, Loki, seems to show an equal amount of affection toward both me and my GF. To everyone else, he is rather skittish.

Minou, the black cat, however only has eyes for my GF. Literally. She constantly stares at my girlfriend, sleeps beside her at night, and generally follows her around and seems fascinated by all aspects of her. For me, she seems to barely tolerate my existence.

The other one, Watson, was a dumpster cat who we rescued and adopted a few years ago. He seems to follow Loki’s lead and appears to like both of us about the same. He still maintains a wild streak in him and he runs away from all other humanoids.

Cats are the greatest!

I know this isn’t the point of this thread, but IMHO cats are the best.

I’m a crazy cat person, so in these difficult days, I have been talking to and crying with my cat. He understands. I think he may be the only one.

If not for him I’m sure I’d be totally nuts by now.


We have four cats and they all have their favorites. First is Fred, (10 years old on September 27th). Before we moved to Kansas City his favorite was my dad. But we moved here and for two weeks I visited family in Iowa. My parents let Fred outside and Fred disapeared for a week, still gone when I got back. I cried and cried, but he came back. We like to think he went out searching for me. Either way, he’s clung on to me ever since (1996). There will be times when he’ll practically be walking on my feet.

Then there’s Wilma. I think I’m her favorite. My mom can’t stand her and my dad is indifferent. She knows she can get what she wants with me.

Hawkeye likes everybody. But he likes to bug me the most.

And Ramona hates everyone except my dad. I have a love/hate relationship with her.

My mom has a cat…he acts so ‘precious’ in her company. If I am over the little fuzzball curls up next to me, purrs, and begs to have its head scratched.
But as soon as she leaves the room, the little bastard bares his teeth and claws, and suddenly want to have my arms for dinner.

…so I would agree that cats can be fussy about different people

Of my three, the BadBoyWithAToupee kitty is the only truly social one - he’s not precisely friendly, but he’s very nosy and thinks all visitors to the house are here to pay homage to him. He is affectionate to both my husband and me, when he is in the mood, and can be rather aggressive about it (rigorous head-butting and loud purring).

QueenBitchKitty loves me and only me, although she will deign to accept offerings of roast beef from appropriately penitent worshippers as her just due. She sleeps on me.

StupidGirlKitty is mostly unaware that humans live in the same house as she does – indeed, she is equally oblivious to her co-cats. However, she is smitten wih our daughter and will even allow said daughter to sleep in the same room as her.

My family has a siamese “Sushi”. They got her almost 12 years ago when I was living in Montreal. This is a real people cat… a major suck for attention. But the minute I walk into my mother’s house, the cat abandons everyone else and rushes over to me, and stays glued to me until I leave. My brothers call me “God of all cats”… there is a certain amount of jealousy in this I think.

Athena likes me best. She sleeps on my pillow at night and spends a lot of time cuddling with me. She likes Mr. Grace okay enough but she runs away from him when he gets too playful. If I’m out of town, she sleeps on my side of the bed. He tells me that she walks around the house looking for me.

Our cats show very strong favouritism; Theodore loves me far more than he does Mrs. RickJay, and Happycat loves HER and doesn’t like me much at all. Cherokee is neautral.

I am the cat person in the household, but I think our cats love both me and Mr. Boscibo equally. The little traitors. Bo goes nuts trying to decide who to sleep by, he gets a confused look on his face and jumps back & forth across the bed, but he usually ends up on my pillow or chest. I like to think Blabby prefers me, but the stinker curls up on Mr. Boscibo’s chest when we watch TV and won’t move for anything.

leander, I agree. We have 3 dogs too, but there is something about cats. I knew when I was a teenager that I’d be a cat lady when I grew up. In my household they are treated like the King and Queen they really are. (But our dogs are spoiled rotten too).

My experience is that cats may have favorites, but they don’t think twice about biting the hand that feeds them. They are NOT loyal in the sense dogs are, and will hate you when one meal is 30minutes late.

I used to not care for cats. I found one by the road several years ago and he was with us for 6 or seven years. I don’t think he had a favorite. When he died we got another but she disappeared and now a stray kitten has shown up. None of these cats were house cats, so that may make a difference.

I don’t think our cat has a favorite, but he definitely has a unique relationship with each of us.

Me – Kitty comes to me when he wants food, drink, treats, pats, full body massage, and to snuggle up against if he is cold.

Mr. Del – Kitty goes to Mr. Del when he wants to play, or when something is scaring him, like thunder or a big dog.

It sort of freaks me out that not only does the cat think about us enough to have a clearly defined relationship with both of us, but that he also does it along traditional gender lines.

Huh? My cats have never bitten me…I wish I could say the same about dogs. All my animals are distressed if they don’t get fed on time, I find my cats still love me if the bowl happens to go dry. :rolleyes:

My cat chose me. No, really. When I was in the process of moving out of my family’s house into my first apartment, every time I left, he would stand in front of the door and yowl hearbreakingly. After a few days of this my mother told me that I’d better go ahead and take him, because his wishes were obvious.

He’d always liked me, but I had no idea how much. Now we’re seriously best buddies. Silly beast.

Make that “heartbreakingly”, though he DOES have a hellaciously loud yowl. :slight_smile:

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