What's your favorite part of a cat?

  • Ears
  • Nose
  • Tail
  • PawsThis text will be hidden
  • Belly
  • Eyes
  • Whiskers
  • Paws
  • Other ('splain!)

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Feel free to elaborate with all the gushy, feline lovin’ detail you can muster. And of course, all you wisenheimers will want to chime in with your favorite part to eat or whatever :wink:

I had to pick other. Somehow there was no ‘toe beans’ option, a sad oversight. And it is a distinct joy entirely separate from my general enjoyment of a mere ‘paw’. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Closely followed by tail and then ears in a near dead-heat.

Nosie! That’s where all the kitty luck comes from!
Kitty luck = damp stuff produced within a cat’s face that they share with their loved ones.

Tail was second because I really like them best during the kitten phase when they are just foolish little strings that stand straight up.

Oh, and would “toe beans” be classified as “paws”?

D’oh! I can’t believe I left off the beans( I’m just shocked and thrilled I could manage to use the poll function). Yes, beans are their own, distinctive asset (who doesn’t love the jellies!?)

To answer my own poll, I’m very partial to the old man ear hair.

Kitty tongue!

I, too, am a fan of those toe beans, and I also like the part of the back just above the tail where I can scritch and make them lick themselves.

Where the call button to the butt elevator is located. One scritch and it’s butts up!

The purr.

I am hopelessly addicted to the purr.

It’s the best medicine in the world!


(and toe beans…my last cat had been declawed, and I MISSED playing with toe beans!)

Why wouldn’t you be able to play with the beans because the cat had been declawed?


Declawing a cat cuts off the ends of their toes, and the toe beans are distorted and scarred.

Note to cat people: I was not the one who declawed the cat! He came that way! He was a rescue from a shelter. He also had a mouthful of rotten teeth, which we had to take care of. I was extra careful to keep him an inside cat, especially in AZ. A cat with no claws and no teeth is quite defenseless!


Yes, I love watching my kitty’s little pink tongue as she laps up her water.

And of course the purr.

Scruffy bits at the back of the neck and under the jaw.

I prefer the hidden text paws.


I don’t have a favorite physical part. It depends on what the cat’s doing with any given part at the moment.

Oh my god I did not know that declawing was THAT invasive!
Thanks for the explanation.
Poor kitty!

I had to answer “Other”, because it all depends on the particular cat, and what it’s doing at any a particular time.

Like, I had two cats that were brothers. I liked one cat’s fur, because he was colored in patches, and the texture of each color was different, so it all stuck out in random directions, so I called him the scruffy one. I figured he’d inherited all the scruffy genes in the family.

Then there was the black and white cat I used to have, who had bright white whiskers. I loved the way they stood out against the deep black fur of his face.

There are other examples, but I’ll spare you a full recitation of my entire Cat History.

Other: Tossup between fur and purr.

I love to bury my nose in a furry kitty neck or shoulder. It’s even better when they’ve been in the hay pile (barn cats) or come in cold from winter air, of just bring the scents of earth and leaves and grass with them. I find it incredibly soothing.

The purr is important too. From a good purr-er it’s almost a tangible thing, and it’s homey and comforting and invariably makes me happy.

Other: White Meat :smiling_imp:

It’s parting.

I picked paws. I love to watch them makin’ biscuits. Even when they’re painfully makin’ 'em on me.

I had a wonderful orange boy cat named Max who used to sit on the arm of the sofa next to me and let me stroke his front paws while we watched TV. Yeah, at that point I’d given up any hope of a real social life with human beings.