What is your favorite free antivirus program---other than Avast

I’ve used Avast for a long time with no complaints…until recently. The pop ups are getting extremely annoying. I’ve tried all of the settings and none work. Is there an equivalent type of freeware that doesn’t beg me to buy add ons all of the time? Thanks.

Yeah, Windows Defender works fine for PC. I use that in addition to Malwarebytes.

Defender for Win 7 and older is not an antivirus program but Microsoft Security Essentials is equivalent. AV capabilities were added for newer Windows. They are among the least obtrusive ones around.

I keep the Microsoft one running and use the Malwarebytes free version to scan anything I download before opening it.

Haven’t had any problems for years – and I do visit very sketchy places on the internet. Get a lot of false positives from Microsoft which I tend to ignore but if Malwarebytes says it’s infected, I delete it.

Avira works well for me. They show you an ad (for their product) next to the clock once per day, otherwise it’s free and has little effect on the system.

I use Bitdefender. I never see it. There’s almost nothing to interact with unless it finds something. Aside from maybe when I installed it, it’s never asked for money or offered “upgrades.” That checks all the boxes for me.

I use AVG Free. Works like a champ for me.

I use MalwareBytes.

I recently tried a couple of the higher recommended AV products … and they were awful. One of them screwed up my browser settings and didn’t restore them after I uninstalled it. Had to re-install the browser.

Two things are a must for me: Don’t ever start up without asking- no running in the background, at boot up, etc. Allow me to specify a directory/file that I want scanned and scan only that.

MB does those right. (Although I have to run HijackThis to clear out startup stuff when I do a big update. But at least it doesn’t complain about not running in the background and put it back in.)

AVG Free. Used to use Avast but I found AVG did a better job without popups.