What is your favorite school/office supply?

3"x 3" brightly colored Post-It notes. I must have at least 30 in various colors tacked up on the board in front of me.

The Pilot Varsity, disposable fountain pens.

Legal pads and a well constructed black ball point pen. That’s how work gets done.

When I was a kid, I was jealous at the girls with their fancy Pentel R.S.V.P pens. Don’t know why. They looked so classy.

Papermate Sharpwriter mechanical pencils for modeling and green Bic Pro+ pens for grading.

Stapler removers. Nothing like monster fights ro relieve stress…

3x5 cards are nifty; they organize my life.

I also use a lot of sheet protectors and 3 ring binders.

A4 lined writing tablets, especially recycled paper. I used to bring them back to the US with me.

A4 is the paper ratio of the gods; far, far superior to the US 8.5 x 11" or whatever it is.

Now I miss Post-its; you can get them in Britain, but they cost a fortune compared to the US. Mead has also started selling Big Chief writing pads again, but Amazon won’t ship to the UK. I used to love writing drafts on them with a cheap, blue, medium-point pen.

Whatever I can steal from the work supply locker. :stuck_out_tongue:

Graph paper. It’s so tidy and organized!

An eleven year old necrobump to post about erasers? Cool.

I was at Staples this week. I got some graphpaper composition books for a buck each.

Logarithmic graph paper is cooler still.

I was a big office supply thief back around sixteen years ago. These days, honestly, I’m more likely to bring things in. It’s easier than asking someone to order it.

zombie or no

what’s paper without a pencil? how can you pick?

You think that’s cool? Check out some Weibull distribution paper, with built-in beta estimator! Tough to find, but cool.

The compass with the really, really sharp point. Good for zombies!

Whoa. I was gonna link to a picture, but it’s way too graphic.

Packing tape.

… I have lots. I do not ship things.

I love it all!

I love a heavy smooth paper, with a good mechanical pencil or fountain pen, though I do have a fun gelpen set from Christmas a couple years back, and some lovely fude brush markers. I love stuff like the old trapper-keepers to sort paperwork into. I like to have hole punched graph paper and ledger paper that can go into the project folders, and those hole punched envelopes for holding receipts … why yes it is the inner accountant in me coming out :stuck_out_tongue:

I love drawer units for projects - I make little cross stitch and bead christmas ornaments to give people as stocking stuffers, and I can put a project to a drawer and not get the supplies mixed up. Also keeps little kitty paws out of the crafts :smiley:

And oddly enough, I like my tablet. The touch screen is fun - I am not the greatest artist however it is great for an expanded ebook platform. I think it could be better than a regular textbook because you could load in the book, and have links using the wifi access to the inter or intra net at school, and being able to get vid lectures, or even an interactive face to face vid chat with group members or vid consults with your professor/TA. Granted, an interactive computer ‘class’ would be great with a combination of large screen monitor and smaller adjunct tablet equipped with a whiteboard ability for interaction. But then again, being effectively housebound much of the time and really desiring to go back to college I tend to dream about the future as seen in film or books…

Bic 4-Color retractable ball point pens.

I was turned onto them in college as a good way to organize notes, and put together flash cards. I’ve been using them ever sense as a way of organizing thoughts and highlighting important points or headings.

This is my favorite new product.