What is your favorite school/office supply?

With the new school year dawning and uh, new office supplies coming in everyday…What would you say is your favorite school supply?
I think mine would have to be Bic Gripper black pens. I love those pens so much that my handwriting is actually sloppi-er- without one. sigh What a world. Oh and I love Sharpies too. Those rock. :slight_smile: OH OH OH and foam board!!! thumbs up

Probably pencils. I use a lot of them. For color I order Colerase, and in graphite I use #1s, #2s and #2.5s. And if you’re gonna use a lot of pencils (I draw maps and interpret seismic data and well logs mostly), you’re gonna want art gum erasers.

I like my flexible french curve, also.

I like blue pens a lot. And clipboards. I never use clipboards, but they’re handy to have around, just in case.

gasp How could I forget gum erasers?! I think that is in “Art Supplies” though…That just opens a whole new can of worms that includes rubber cement and kneaded (gum) erasers. sigh Do I ever love school/art/office supplies.

The hole punch. Single, not triple.

That thing that staples programs right on the fold is pretty cool, too.

Pencils. I doodle and draw alot. Pencils are a must for me.

Ive almost stapled my finger with one of those things…I hope I never have to use one of those again…I think I stapled 250 programs with that damn thing. And thats alot…
But youre right, its neat :slight_smile:

I looooove mechanical pencils. I think I could spend days and days wandering around an office supply store, just looking at the pencils. Right now my favorite pencil is a 0.5mm Staedtler Remedy in blue.

I don’t write with pens very often, but when I do, I only use extra-fine tipped pens. The ones laying around my desk are all 0.2mm.

I think this might be a little strange, but I’m really picky about the notebook paper I use too. It has to be bright white with crisp, well-defined blue and red lines that line up with each other on both sides of each sheet. Otherwise, I don’t like it.

So sick of school, but so in love with these silly supplies.

Correction paper. I don’t think they make this anymore, since most people use computers, and most people have type writers with auto correct functions.

Back in the 80’s, when my grandmother got a new typewriter, she let me play with the old one. It was an avocado green electric typewriter from the 70’s. Along with the typewriter, I got some correction paper.

Carbon Paper. Same as above.

Staple Removers. These always were fun to play with. I would staple things together and remove them.

Do graphing calculators count? I remember I spent more time trying to program mine to do the hard work for me than paying attention in math class last year. That, and playing Tetris and Frogger on it.

Staple guns! The nearest thing to a nailgun [hehehe…]

Highlighters and gel pens in all kinds of colors (I make everyone use their “own” color when proofing docs, that way I know who made what correction/addition etc).

Love brightly colored postits too!

Another vote for the menacing staple remover. It has that formidable saber-tooth tiger look to it.

And White Out. Man that stuff smells good. Makes the staple remover more fun too…

Genuine dead-virgin-tree pencils, preferably Mirados or Ticonderogas. The Best Scent Ever.

Oh, and wonderful, wonderful Expand-o-files.

Backpacks ! I love all kinds of backpacks.

Mine was these Pelican erasers when I was at infant school: http://www.papelaria.com.pt/WebRoot/ce_pt/Shops/960427445/5189/1041/151F/6D6F/E0A5/C0A8/8008/E891/Borracha-pelikan-SP30.jpg

I used to love school shopping. I miss it actually. When I worked retail, that was my favorite time of year.

Mirado Black Warrior #2 pencils w/Pink Pearl erasers

PaperMate pens. At back to school time, stores sell them for less than $1/10-pack - often much less. I splurge $5 a year and have more pens than I can give away. Good times.

Pens. I love pens. All different types - ink, roller-ball, gel - the only thing they must have is blue ink. I’m a little strange like that.

And notebooks. I just love starting a new notebook!

And Post-It Notes. I love the neon ones. And the lined ones.

I’m thinking Monday, after I get paid, I’m going to need to hit the Staples up the street - February is only a week away and I need a new notebook for work. I just checked my post it note stash and thanks to the husband, am down to two pads with about 1/16" left on them. I have pens already but I can always look and drool and maybe find a cool one to try. :smiley: