What is your first real song that you remember?

My first big person song that I remember is " Roll over Beethoven" by the Beatles. I am about 2.5.

It was probably the only time rock and roll was ever played in my house.

Flock of Seagulls- “I Ran”. I was about three.

Flock of Seagulls and Jem are probably the reason I think it’s ok to have purple hair.

My sister taught me ‘Stepping Out With My Baby’ and ‘My Heart Belongs to Daddy’ when I was really little. My other sister used to sing ‘The Locomotion’ and ‘Up, Up and Away’ when I was little too.

I grew up in a musical family so there was always a radio/stereo on or someone at the piano. I was really lucky to be exposed to so much music like that.

I had a teenie bopper older sister when I was a toddler, and the first song I remember was “Saturday Night” by the Bay City Rollers.

Thanks xizor, now I have " S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night" stuck in my head.

She’s A Man-Eater, Artist unknown.

i remember crying to my mom cause I thought there really was a man-eater, and for the first three years of my concious life (Read: From when I can remember) I was scared to death of fat women. Thought they were the man-eaters…

Good thing I was just a little boy…

Shirley – Do you mean the song by Lonestar? Because now i have THAT one stuck in MY head!
As per the OP: The first song I clearly remember is that one that goes “Splish-splash I was takin’ a bath” (something about a Saturday night) song. My mom listened to a lot of oldies. I was probably 2 or 3 when I first heard it.

A lot of the time now I’ll hear old stuff and remember having heard it before. Everybody in my family listened to something different, so I got a pretty eclectic taste from my folks. Mom listened to oldies, Dad listened to country, my sister listened to soft rock, her boyfriends (she’s about 7 years older than me, so she had boyfriends for most of my childhood) listened to hard rock and metal. I listened to pop, of course. NKOTB ruled.

Two other early song-memories: “I like that old time rock’n’roll”, when I was about 4 my favorite TV show was ALF, and in one episode Alf sang that song using a cucumber as a microphone. And “The Dance” by Garth Brooks, I was 6 when it came out, and it’s haunted me ever since. Finding out who it was by and buying the album when I was 14 was like coming home musically or something.

One last, this is getting out of hand: I recall being quite young, maybe 5, possibly younger, and hearing Pink Floyd through the walls as I lay in bed tryign to sleep. “Hey you… is there anybody OUT there?” It scared the CRAP out of me, because I thought there was somebody IN the walls talking to me.

Sounds like Hall and Oates to me.

As for me, the first song that I really remember was Detroit Rock City.

Perry Como: “Catch a Falling Star”

I think one of my parents had the record, and played it around the time I was about three.

My mother used to sing “Cockles and Mussels” (traditional Irish ballad). I don’t remember a time when I hadn’t heard that song.

The first song I remember was Elvira by The Oak Ridge Boys! Yuck!

“Obla di obla da” by the Beatles. I remember hearing it at Klondike Days in Edmonton. I think I was about 6 or 7 at the time.

“Lola” by the Kinks. I was maybe 5 or 6 and thought it was a great song because I loved cherry cola.

Count me in w/ Simetra. It was either Maneater, or “I’m moving my sunglasses at night.” That, coupled with the fact that my first concert was a Billy Joel, really ruins my rock cred.
racinchikki, the song is “Splish Splash”, by Bobby Darrin. This song is his proto-Eminem persona. First of all, he sings do’ and flo’ (for door and floor) as a semi-black affect. And references to current music abound. and i quote:

“Bing Bang I saw the whole gang, dancing on my living room rug,
Bip bop they was doin’ the hop all the teens had the dancin’ bug,
There was lolly-pop, and-a Peggy Sue,
Good golly, Miss Molly was-a even there too.”

I know all this because that was the first song I ever memorized! fearful symmetry, folks…

I memorized the Beatle’s “Eight Days a Week” at about age 4. Come to think of it, I’ve still got it down cold.

“Leavin’ on a Jetplane” by Peter, Paul and Mary (I think). I was around three years old.

  1. “Dance With Me” by The Orleans

I remember dancing (Mom swinging me as I was all of 4-5 yrs)
to this song.

2)“You’re So Vain”

  1. James Taylor and Paul Simon- my mom loved them so I was saturated w/it. I still love them

“It’s not Easy Being Green” by Kermit the Frog.

MikeG lists “Dance With Me” by Orleans. . .

I love that song! I used to sing it to my babies, too. My youngest baby is 17.


yeah, I get a sniffle when I hear it too Spider Woman!