What is your opinion on this department store?

Hey guys, I was wondering what are your impressions on the department store shown in this video clip? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05TAFhcUPiw

I did not make this video, one of my friends did, and it is a department store in the UK, and the video clip is mostly a stop motion timelapse type of video, but should still show what the department store looks like.

Yep, that is a department store. It looks smaller than a typical American department store and doesn’t look to be very high-end but it fits the type. I don’t know what else to say about it other than that they seem to like having clearance sales.

Looks like a department store that sells lower end clothing in a building that could use some renovation.

An unremarkable small department store selling cheap/budget off-the-rack-clothing.

That is the most obnoxious music I think I’ve ever heard. Sorry I couldn’t comment on the video, as I couldn’t get through more than half a minute of it due to the “music”.

Yeah, I lasted through about twenty seconds of electro-cricket and closed the window.

I had the sound off, so I got most of the way through it. I was thinking “what is the fucking point of this video?” Then I turned the sound on in case there was something being said, but no, just that music.

So yeah, what’s the point of the video, or the point of this thread?

First of all, it’s an “outlet” store, so not representative of the “actual” store. So for an outlet store, it’s rather typical, except for the lack of customers. What’s the point of the video and this thread?

Yes, I was rather puzzled at first as House of Fraser certainly isn’t a downmarket department store chain, but as it’s an outlet that explains all the special offer stuff and tired decor.

A department store is any story that sells a variety of goods instead of specializing in just one. A clothing store sells clothes. An appliance store sells appliances. A guitar store sells guitars. A hardware store sells hardware. A fishing supply store sells fishing tackle. A shoe store sells shoes.

A department store (like Rothman’s Department Store) sells all of these.

‘Binns’ used to be a grand name in department stores before House of Fraser took them over…

The “stop motion” parts are more stop than motion, aren’t they?

Anyway, I don’t know why I sat through the whole thing. I guess on the expectation that there would be some point to it. But it’s YouTube. I should know better.
I’m not sure what is supposed to be “twilight zone” about it, as the description claims. The dingy basement? Must have been a very dull episode of the Twilight Zone.

It kind of makes me want to not shop there.

Sorry I turned it off once the shaky camera started.

Are you just trying to drum up traffic for your friend’s terrible video or is there actually a point to this thread?

Has anybody contradicted this??

House of Fraser is a department store chain, the biggest in the UK. It’s a bit like Neiman Marcus. This video is of some outlet store of theirs, not one of their normal stores.

Yes, there is a point to this thread, sparking up a discussion about something, even if there is some negative criticisim. Furthermore, I am NOT trying to help my friend get more views, he knows ways to do that in other ways.

So, really, what is the point?
There’s not that much discussion to spark. It’s a fairly mundane amateur video showing a fairly mundane small clothing/department store, with an apparently objectionable, or at best mundane, soundtrack. And lots of crooked, jerky, blurry filming.

No discussion required (or ensued.) And no apparent point.

OK, my turn.