What Is Your Political Typology?


Got New Coalition Democrat

Among 14%, solidly liberal


(don’t like the linked poll either)

Solid Liberal

Among 9%, Libertarian


Apparently I’m Post-Modern.

Of course, I’m British so my views may not translate well to America.

Ditto. I’m not from the US, so answering a few of the racial questions was awkward; the same issues have never existed in Canada.

Solid liberal.

Solid liberal.

Pomo, which I’ve never even heard of as a political thing. o.O

ETA: I am shocked, shocked to find “Solid Liberal” with a runaway lead on this board. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone else answer a question thinking “Good Lord! How can ANYONE say the other answer?”

Round up the usual suspects.

I did not like this quiz. There were several questions where I didn’t really agree with either of the given choices.

I’m a New Coalition Democrat.

Solid Liberal.

Staunch Conservative, but I thought I would come out Libertarian.

More interesting is that no one (yet) ID’s “Main Street Republican.”

Solid Liberal.

I’m with Whatsit. Often it was just the less objectionable choice.

Solid Liberal. Not a really good survey of issues. Environment, immigration, poor people, and nod to gay rights. Is that all there is?