What is your Sleep Number? And should I...

Ok, due to many, many mornings waking up with a backache (on a relatively new mattress - I’ve had it less than two years, and it wasn’t cheap), I’ve been considering buying a Sleep Number bed.

Does anyone have any experience with these? Do they help your back like they say they will, or is it just a gimmick?

Well for similar reasons I bought one last year. I wake up with aches less often and less sore, but it has by no means eliminated the problem. Still, I am happy with my purchase.

Read their “20 year” warranty very carefully (it’s on the website) so you go in with your eyes open–it’s a prorated warranty.

I think the greatest advantage of the Sleep Number bed is that you can get a much squishier mattress than is available in traditional mattresses by setting the sleep number low. The “firmest possible mattress=best back health” line is not true as far as I’m concerned.

I also like that components of the mattress can be replaced/repaired instead of the whole mattress

My parents love theirs to death. And, yes, it did help with their back pain.

Something about their ads always struck me as slightly disingenuous. They say you can set if from zero to one-hundred, but all the examples they give are multiples of five. I suspect that the settings are 0, 5, 10, etc. That’s only twenty (or twenty-one) settings, and saying it goes up to one-hundred makes it sound more sophisticated and fine-tuned than it really is.

I have a Sleep Comfort mattress.
I got it before they started advertising on TV, and I got a cheap model (I have a control that puts more air in and lets air out, but I have to guess how much is in/out by feel, and I don’t have a number)

Still, you can take this mattress away when you pry it out from under my cold, dead body.

I love it. It is far and away the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. It’s wonderful for my back (to me, hard mattresses are painful). I highly recommend it.

I’ve had one about 6 mos. now. Generally, I’m happy with it. The really nice thing I’ve found is that I’ve gradually liked it firmer and firmer. I started out at 40 and am at 65 now. There’s no way you could do that with a regular matress.

To answer another question, yes they increase/decrease by 5. You wouldn’t notice much difference between 40 and 41. I’ve never felt it needed to be between to settings anyway.

I have one and highly recommend it .I blew a disc out in my back and was waking up very stiff (in the back,filthy minds).Now I sleep like a rock and can jump right out of bed with no trouble.The thing I like is you can vary the firmness of it.With a regular or water bed,what you buy is what you get.

My number is 35, my husband’s was 15. That’s what I loved about it. You can change the number for each side. He had alot of back pain, and the mattress really helped him. I thought it was the most comfortable mattress I had ever slept on, it was absolutey the best. However, he took it when he left (I know he needed it more than me), but I’d do anything for it back. I can’t afford another right now. I have been looking at them though. Hopefully pretty soon, I can work something out. We had ours for 3 years and it was still like new.

We had one- thought is sucked and returned it. The problem is that if you and your spouse have different settings, then you have a noticeable bump in the middle. If you cuddle in bed, one of you is going to want to rolll downhill. Plus sex is a little harder unless 100% of you is on one side.