What is your understanding of the world?

I start from the perspective of a corporation, which is a “person”. Then I go to the view of the War on Terror or the Cold War or whatever outlook is prevelant. Then on to political philosophy, which divides into liberal and conservative. Finally, I end with the perspective of democracy.

I start with perspective of *no one *and end with the perspective of everyone.

Far out, man.

I always thought that advertisements in Tokyo trains fairly well summed up the path of life:

Tokyo Disneyland
Chapel Wedding
Vitamin Drink
Life Insurance

Encouraging, no?

As I see it, the people should control the economic system not just the corporations (maybe there should be some sort of a hypermarket that would act as a check on Wall Street) and citizens should have greater control over government towards improving international relations.


Too obvious: a film-maker would see the world though the lens of a camera, but maybe they would notice other elements of the world.

My understanding of the world is that there is no understanding the world.

Randomness is the word of the day. Every day.



Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right.

We see not what is, but what we are.