What is your weakest sense?

For purposes of this thread I have identified the following 10 senses:

[li]Vision[/li][li]Hearing[/li][li]Smell[/li][li]Touch[/li][li]Taste[/li][li]Proprioception/kinesthetic: the ability to innately detect the position and movement of your appendages, muscles, and other body parts in space.[/li][li]Thermoception: the ability to perceive temperature.[/li][li]Chronoception: the perception of time.[/li][li]Nociception: the ability to sense pain.[/li][li]Equilibrioception: your sense of balance.[/li][/ul]

Which of these is your weakest?

For me, smell, by far. My wife likes to put stuff like scented candles in my face and ask me if I can smell it. I almost never can.


Smell. By far. Too many years and gallons of paint and other finishes sprayed.

Damn it! Beat me by 5 minutes.

Smell - my allergies often interfere with it, and some days I have very little scent perception. On the rare occasions my nose IS working it can really make an impact because I’m getting input I normally don’t.

Mine is vision. I’m functionally blind I’m my right eye, with a measured visual acuity of 20/200. This is a result of a perforated cornea and two subsequent corneal transplants, the first when I was 21. Luckily my left eye is fine, but I do lack depth perception. I’ve always wanted to wear a pirate style eye patch, but my wife won’t let me :smiley:

Gotta get up pretty early to beat me! And by “pretty early” I mean “sometime in the late afternoon.”

Well, my sight has been fixed with cataract surgery, so now that’s as good as it’s ever been (had glasses or contacts since third grade, I still wear a contact in one eye). My sense of smell is pretty bad, but hearing is the worst. I do have hearing aids, and they work great in certain circumstances, and suck in others. So hearing is the worst I would say. In any case, it affects others a lot.

Depends on what you mean by “weakest”. I can hear just fine (“my mother had me tested”), but it is the worst way for me to get information to stick to my brain.

Vision. Hearing isn’t too far behind.

You added all those options and left out “common”? Sheesh.

I didn’t vote as there is no universal way to compare senses, and/or because I don’t have a strength measurement for my senses.

Had to answer ‘more than one’. With Multiple Sclerosis, it’s getting harder by the year to pinpoint which would be the weakest. For me, it’s a toss-up between vision (optic nerve atrophy, diplopia, other optic boogeymen), proprioception (often if I am not looking at a body part, I couldn’t tell you exactly where it was [yes, I whang my head a lot]), touch in general and nociception (about 15% and rising of my legs are completely devoid of sensation, and I have grown so accustomed to chronic pain that honestly the descriptors have lost all meaning) and equilibrioception (I walk like I’m on a small boat in stormy seas). Thankfully the progression has been slow enough that I’ve been able to adapt fairly well, I think! I also suspect my hearing, smell, and palate have gotten better - though this could just be those things being the last normal senses in this 38 year old body so they stand out. :smiley:

Eyes. I shoulda listened when my Mom said reading without proper lighting would ruin my eyes. Alas, I did not.

Assuming ‘weakest’ to be something like ‘where you personally are furthest below the human average’ I’m going to have to go with proprioception - I have very little knowledge of where my limbs are unless I’m looking at them and am quite prone to waving my arms about wildly and knocking things over


I smell pretty bad.
I look … OK, but can’t see all colors, or read text up close.

Vision, definitely. Not that I’m blind or anything, but I’m very myopic and astigmatic, and my night-vision is also piss-poor.

I have no sense of smell at all, and never had, so that’s the one.

I’m surprised to see so many with an impaired sense of smell—usually, when I tell people about my anosmia, they appear like they’ve never heard of it (the condition, not the word) at all.

Smell. I’m congested almost but not all of the time so I know that it’s not congenitally poor. On the rare occasions I’m not stuffed up, I’ve noticed things that I didn’t realize had a smell, like cut cucumbers, actually do.