What is

I’m talking about the blue liquid that comes in plastic containers, which you then freeze and use as an ice substitute. Is it just colored water? Or does it contain chemicals which absorb heat slower than H[sub]2[/sub]O?

Argh. What is BLUE ICE?

Uh, I’d recommend letting this thread die and just re-starting it with the subject heading correctly typed.

Your title disappeared because you put the last two words inside double-quotes. To use quotes in a title, you must type the double-quote character, doubled: What is ““Blue Ice””

Generally, I would refer you to http://www.google.com for your answer, but I did a quick swipe and discovered that “blue ice” invokes so many references to Antarctica and computer software, that it might be fairly daunting to search on it. I checked the stuff in my freezer and discovered that it was called an “Ice-Pak.” A search of Google for that string turned up the company home page, leading to this: