What I've learned from dash webcams

  1. Everyone has bald tires
  2. Apparently no one uses a rear-view mirror before pulling out.
  3. People drive WAY faster than what the road conditions call for.

Dash-cams I meant. Stay tuned.

I changed it for you.

Or too close. If they slow down, the gap opens up, then they can drive faster again.

I thought they only had those in Russia which is apparently where everyone in New Jersey learned to drive

The Russian ones are astounding. I know we’re only seeing the accidents, and not the good drivers, but after watching the accidents I don’t think there ARE any good drivers in Russia. People are astoundingly impatient and willing to take incredible risks considering the potential outcome: blind curve on a hill in snowy conditions? Sure I’ll attempt to pass. :smack:

I’m amazed at how many of the Russian ones just have people driving into something for no apparent reason.

Alcohol must be involved in lots of them.

On the other hand, it seems like the Russians produce the most popular compilations of people helping
each other on snowy roads.

Not a dash cam, but still my favorite bad driver video.

Scooter in China

Haven’t decided if he’s drunk or just never been on a scooter before.

I’d say he’s never been on a scooter before.