What Just Happened? (attempted phone scam?)

One more thing. I bet that the scammer asks the name of the victim, and does not provide it. The Lenny video made me think of that. Besides the name, they claimed to have his credit record, and yet does not know his card number. Odd, huh.

In one Windows Company call, I immediately asked the scammer to tell me what OS I was running. He hung up immediately.

Target gift cardsare far more useful for the discerning scammer.

There was another column a while back in which a finance writer came very close to falling for a fake IRS scam - despite knowing about them. Personally, I think she should have been fired from her job for being that willing to fall for such a common scam.

Jack, you actually should be proud of yourself for figuring it out relatively quickly.

They must have it, or be able to look it up.

I got a genuine IRS call once, versus a letter (this was 16 or so years ago, before the phone scams became so prevalent). They had my partial SSN, and had questions about a specific form I had forgotten to file. I was able to provide them the needed info, and never heard back. And no, nothing bad happened - it was a matter of not filing a dependent care cost form or something like that. The form didn’t affect my taxes in any way, they just needed it to be filed.

I’m still pissed that I didn’t think to google the particular scam a co-worker was falling for. She thought she was adopting a dog from down south. The picture looked staged but whatever. She paid for the dog and then they started the “we need you to pay for insurance/medical something or other” to get the dog through the airport, and she paid it. She was truly worry there was a poor dog out there. :smack: And I was right there and didn’t think enough of it to look into it. :frowning:

I got a call from a scammer who said they wanted to discuss the insurance claim for my car accident.
I’ve never owned a car. :smack:

Yep, in a weak moment I agreed to let the kids have a puppy. Total scam. Start out by wanting you to prove you will provide a good home for the puppy because they won’t sell to just anyone. Then when you want to go see the puppy, the owner has been summoned for a business trip (or works on an oil rig) and will give her last two puppies for the price of one plus shipping.

My kids were heartbroken going through the above, my weak moment passed, and we don’t have a dog. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are probably thinking about a warning that has been circulating the Internet, that if you say “yes,” the recording of your voice will be added to some other audio to make it sound like you consented to something that costs money. However, no evidence of this happening has ever been found, and it’s preposterous on its face.

Correct. There is no way the IRS would call & leave a message like that. What bullshit. These asshole scammers are worthless pricks.

Anything like this would be sent in writing - I suspect it may even need to be certified mail.