What just happened to me?

Earlier today, I was at work, doing my usual work thing. I’m under a tight deadline, but I’ve made progress and think that I can meet that deadline and I haven’t felt all that stressed.

However, around 2-ish today, it’s like something just popped in my head. Like a fuse blew or something - suddenly I can’t think clearly. I’m having a flood memories come back to me, but they’re either dreams I had or hallucinations that are coming that make no sense. I tried to keep it together and keep on working, but I couldn’t think clearly. Things I usually know off the top of my head were gone and I had to look them up. I did the same thing three times in a row. When I think back on certain periods (i.e. around 3 pm), I can’t remember what happened. I have flashes of all kinds of things, but they’re mainly bizarre thoughts that were in my head and have taken on the guise of reality. I know they didn’t really happen - I know that I was just sitting at my desk working, like I usually do. It actually was getting so bad that I just decided I had to go home because I’m not getting anything done and nothing is making sense to me. It’s still there, but starting to recede just a little.

What happened to me? Did I have a breakdown? I don’t even really know what that means. It’s like my logical brain shut down and was just firing randomly, not in any particular order. I just got home and I think I’m going to take a nap. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any medical professionals who can tell me what the hell just happened to me? Did I underestimate the stress that I was feeling until it finally overtook me?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m NOT A DOCTOR, but if I were you, I’d go to the emergency room immediately. I really don’t want to scare you and I’m probably completely wrong, but my first thought would be a stroke. I hope someone else comes in and yells at me for overexaggerating, but if it were me, I’d be in the ER pronto.

Sounds like a possible TIA (transient ischemic attack). In plain English, your body possibly threw a small clot to your brain; or, a small vessel spasmed. Either way, a portion of the memory cortex got cut off from oxygen. How old are you and what is your health like?

I’m a 26 year old male and my health is fine. I take Welbutrin (150 MG per day) for mild depression and Allegra (180 mg per day) for nasal allergies.

Wellbutrin is associated with a small risk of seizures (although at a smaller dosage than you’re taking. Your description actually sounds like a very minor epileptic episode to me. OTOH, IANAD. IANEANOP.

Have you ever taken LSD or other psychotropic drugs? Sometimes you can get flashbacks years later. I think this should be moved to GQ to get the attention of Qadgop and other medical bods who may be able to suggest something.

But going to see a doctor would seem to be good advice, I would think.

I was finally able to get a hold of my step-mother, who is a nurse. I described the situation to her and, due to family history, she seems to think that I might have had a hypoglycemic reaction. I’ve never really dealt with hypoglycemia, but my Dad does and I should point out that I’m a pretty skinny guy (roughly 5’9", 115 lbs or so). She suggested that I have some energy bars and the like around my desk for high-stress times like this because I don’t really have a lot reserves to draw off of and I don’t eat a whole lot.

I’m feeling a lot better right now, which is nice. Hopefully I’ll continue until I’m at 100%. I’ll make sure I have a healthy dinner tonight and plenty of rest.

Ah yes, it sounds like you “bonked”. It’s a good idea to keep a some healthy protein based snax around (not the junk fatty-snax). A handful of almonds every once and a while do wonders to keep your motor running.

IANAD either, but all those scary medical diagnosis sound rather extreme.
I am however a University engineering student who regularly stays up stupidly late, engaged in all varieties of studying/homeworking.

I’d say you experienced a classic case of lack-of-sleep-too-much-coffeeitis. Sadly, its not that uncommon in this situtation :frowning:

Hmmm, not to make light of the situation, but at first it sounded like a classic case of spacing out. How did you feel physically?

Physically, I felt normal. I do admit that it does sound like spacing out, but really it was like an extreme, involuntary form of it. The best I can explain it is that it felt like I was dreaming while I was awake. And not like what I’m doing is a dream, but like I was actually dreaming while I was awake. And, like a dream, it’s all fading away now and I can’t really remember much of it. I remember how it felt, but that’s about it.

Oh, and to answer a previous question, I’ve never taken acid or any psychotropic drugs before. I’ve only ever been drunk once and have never done any drugs that haven’t been prescribed to me. I do agree, though - when it was happening, I thought, is this what an acid flashback must feel like?

I get really spaced if I do too many antihistamines, or take them several days in a row. YMMV.

Sounds like a nice break in the day, actually. :smiley:

If you find out what it was, bottle it and send me some!

I wonder if the anihistamine might be the problem too. I can take them for a long while, then something changes (body chemisty?) and they make my head go all funny, and it’s time to try a new brand. The last time I took Sudafed before driving, I became convinced that the road was moving up to try to touch the car… I can’t quite explain if it was just a conviction, or if it really looked like it was moving. Fortunately, the meeting I was on the way to was four hours long, and it had worn off before going home.

Lots of drugs have interesting hallucination side effects. I’ve got a thread from last April in MPSIMS about the one and only time I took Ambien :rolleyes: Make an appointment to talk to your doctor ASAP in case it’s something else, though.

Did you start sweating?

Did you feel weak or jittery?

The reason that so many of us caution you about seeing a physician or going to an emergency room is that the symptoms you have described can be something simple or they can be something more serious. A professional needs to determine that – not just someone untrained and at a distance.

The first time that I had a low blood sugar problem (hypoglycemia), I didn’t know what was happening either – but I immediately knew that I craved something very sweet. I have trouble concentrating and I can’t think straight, but I don’t feel like I’m dreaming at all. I feel a little bit like I’m down in a tunnel. And I get “the weak trembles.”

Did you have any trouble talking or writing? You might need your electrolytes checked.

I’m not a physician. I certainly would consider seeing one. What if it happens again when you are driving and you hurt yourself or someone else?

From what you initially described, I’d agree with the TIA assessment. 26 is not too young to have a TIA. I was 24 when I had a massive stroke (threw a clot that went to my right middle cerebral artery). Just to be safe, why not start taking an aspirin a day? Aspirin thins the blood thus preventing clots.

I really, really would NOT recommend starting an aspirin regimen on your own. See a Doctor. Daily aspirin is not for everyone, and can be dangerous to people with certain conditions and on some prescriptions. It’s not like taking a daily vitamin or something.

I hope you find out what it was and feel better. I would see a Dr. too, if nothing else he/she could give you a more definitive answer.

I am not a doctor and don’t mean to scare you, but what you’re describing does sound like a mild seizure. I have epillepsy, and have experienced several of the symptoms you described just before blacking out. I’m throwing in my vote that you see a doctor, too, even if you do feel better now. While your step-mother may be correct, it never hurts to be over-cautious, and getting checked out by an MD could help you prevent any further episodes. One other suggestion - I’m not sure how you get to & from work, but if it happens again, you might ask someone to drive you home or just stay where you are until you’ve been thinking straight for a while. Driving during and after such an episode can be very, very dangerous to you and to others.

I’m going to make a doctor’s appointment today and see what she has to say about this. If at all possible, I’d like to narrow this down as much as I can :slight_smile:

It took a while yesterday for it all to wear off, but I ate a nice dinner and felt near 100% by about eight o’clock. This morning, I woke up for work and everything has been completely normal ever since - I’m here at work right now and am doing great.

Thank you to everyone for the great advice and information - this made the $5 worth it already.