What kind of batteries does this lantern take?

See above, attached is a pic.



Hard to tell from the photos, but maybe two 6v “lantern” batteries?

It looks like it takes a pair of 6V lantern batteries. These are somewhat rare these days, but you can still get them:

It may be this kind of battery.

No way.

  1. Look at the terminals - the SLA battery you referenced uses bolt-on terminals. The lantern takes a battery that connects to the body of the battery holder by touching.
  2. Look at the pattern of the metal contacts in the lantern photo - there are two distinct locations for battery connections, connected together with an L-shaped piece of metal. This fits with the lantern battery’s diagonal contact position.

The battery compartment is very shallow, the whole thing measures about 5.5"x4"x1.5". Also, there is two sets of terminals in the picture, so it looks like it might take two batteries.


Some measurements would help.

some time ago i had a rechargeable lantern battery.

i also had a lantern battery holder package that you filled with D cells.

i don’t know of vendors for either.

I don’t know if there’s a Home Depot in your area but they have those Eveready 6v batteries (exactly like the one in AndrewL’s link). I just bought one for my flashlight less than two weeks ago for about five or six bucks. Any big home improvement or hardware store should have them.
No matter which side is down, the center contact (–) will stay in the same spot. The corner contact (+) will change position depending which side is down.

A standard 6v lantern battery will definitely not fit, you would almost need to cut a standard 6v lantern battery down its long axis to fit, then put another next to it.

This is a good guess for that 1.5" height. Could have been a pack with rechargeable cells or disposable primary D cells.

I remember a battery like that from childhood. I’d swear they were called pancake batteries. flat, square battery about three inches thick.

Google is useless. too many hits for pancake batter. I haven’t seen a battery like that in decades.

Standard lantern batteries are easily bought at home depot. I have three lanterns for power failures.

OP, I suppose it’s too much to hope that you have the manufacturer and model number of the lantern?

A 4.5v battery maybe. Seems about the right shape.

This was answered in posts 2 and 3. Two 6v Lantern batteries. Not the 4.5v - as pointed out it is obvious from the conductors that it takes two batteries in series with diagonally arranged posts. The compartment is maybe about two inches deep, so the top half inch of the batteries protrude into the body of the latern, for which there is plenty of room.

What is the brand and model of the lantern?

To confirm, the two posts of a 6v lantern battery are an inch apart, and one is very close to a corner of the battery. I wouldn’t call 6V lantern cells at all rare. Hardware stores and many drug stores should be well stocked with them, as well as plastic lanterns that take them, some in LED now. Don’t most people have 1 or 2 of these things in their car or closet?

Like this? (Probably not what the OP wants, though.)