What kind of bird eggs are these? Pics inside.

Southeast Michigan, USA. Picture taken on June 15, 2019.

Next is in a pretty small bird house we made and the nest is tight twigs and has some feathers jammed in it as well.

What kind of bird lays this kind of egg? 6-7 eggs.

Are the eggs pretty tiny? They eggs in the photo are a bit blurry, so I can’t quite tell if they have some speckling. But might be a house wren. The glossyness, cavity nesting habit and buff color would seem to match.

Pretty tiny, yes.

Try observing the nest over a 30 minute period during the day, preferably early morning or later afternoon. You’ll see the birds entering/leaving repeatedly. Wrens are a very likely choice. Alternatively, the birders on Reddit at r/whatsthisbird are pretty amazing at identification.

They also said wren and I read that wrens use spider cocoons as stuffing for their nests, which this one has.

Yep, it’s a house wren. Very cute, love that they chose our little container for a house.