What kind of brother-in-law or sister-in-law do you have?

Poll to come.
“SO” here means “Significant Other”.

Man, you’re taking your user name to new levels.

There should be a choice of “One’s a fucking twat and the other’s a fucking asshole”. Just a thought.

I’m an only child, although I’ve got step siblings. I don’t really consider them to be my siblings though. My only in-laws are via my wife.

I’m not married (though I am in a relationship that might go that path someday), neither is my brother, so…neither.

I am not married. Or anything resembling that. I have a brother and two sisters, all married and loaded with children.

I have:

My brother’s wife
My sister’s husband
My wife’s brother
My wife’s sister

I have no idea which poll option that is.

“I have both BIL and SIL…more than just one of each and of different relation combinations.”

Some are good and some are not so good.


My only brother’s wife and I never quite got along; not badly and not well - just not really at all. She’s a basic “nice and polite” to me and I pretty much return it. We’re about 11 years apart and haven’t lived all that close to each other so its no big deal to either of us

My wife’s only brother is a kind you didn’t mention; dead. In 1994, as an adult, he committed suicide. He and I were good friends when he was alive and I loved him like a brother but even all these years later I have some anger with him about his death. I’ll be frank and say that because of his illness (manic depression) some things we faced as we got older were simpler; the loss of her parents and some other big life events. But a lot of the time I still wish he had been there to make things complicated. He wasn’t always easy to be around, but he was such a great guy in so many ways that the extra effort was worth it.

Two SiL’s, but one is legalized already and the other one isn’t yet. Other than femaleness, nationality, and lastnames of their men, they have very little in common.

The type that I have that you’ve forgotten: The Most Narcissistic, Intrusive, Clueless ASSHOLE type of SIL.

I have 2 brothers in law of different types and exactly one sister in law.
No choice fits.

Oh. And my “sibling’s brother” is me.

My brother has two ex-wives. Does that count?

I voted for more than one of each, but that’s stretching it, depending on your point of view.

Two of my sisters are married. One is divorced and her ex is dead (she wasn’t responsible, I promise!!) My one brother is divorced.

Husband has one brother who’s married and another who’s divorced.

I counted my husband’s sister in law as mine also, because I like her. I sorta counted my brother’s SO, even tho I don’t much like her. So excluding the dead and/or ex spouses, I’ve got 4 BILs and 2 SILs.

I have one of those; she also frequently tries to “borrow” money from my parents (who are on a limited pension while she makes $$$). I also have a very nice SIL who is quite a good friend.

I have:
My brother’s wife
My sister’s husband
My wife’s three step sister’s, all first cousin’s once removed (to be precise, her mother’s second husband had been her aunt’s husband and the three girls’ mothers)
My wife’s fourth step sister, no blood relation.
Too complicated for your poll, clearly.

I have my sister’s husband and that’s it. I’m single, so no SO’s siblings.

No BIL anymore after they divorced, and good riddance. And BTW I could do without that sister too.