What Kind of Bug Was This?

One of my cow-orkers found a bug tonight that looked like a stink bug, except that I’ve never seen a stink bug that was half an inch wide and nearly three inches long! It had similar markings to a stink bug, but the body was triple segmented (I think that a stink bug is only double segmented, or at least what I’ve seen referred to as a stink bug is only double segemented.). Any guesses? Said bug has been squashed (it attacked a pregnant woman), but if someone’s got a pic, I can certainly give a “Yea” or “Nay” to it.

I got your stink bug picture right here

The assassin bug is certainly the closest of the ones in your links, but all the segments were the same width, so it’s not that one. The coloration is closest to that of the stink bug in your link. Across the street from my place of employment is a warehouse which recieves shipments from all over the world (except Antarctica), so it’s possible that the bug is of non-US origin). The “bug” was grey in color, and the third (and longest) segment of the “bug” had an ‘X’ in a slightly lighter shade of grey than the rest of the thing.