What kind of car was my uncle building?


He passed away about a year ago and my aunt has worked up the energy to part with the project car in her garage… 600 miles north of my place. I’ve been elected to sell the car. Does anyone have any idea what this is?

ESSLINGER engines alone seem to be going for 15k to 20k…

thanks folks

The style of car is a T-Bucket. It gets that name because it’s a heavily modified Ford Model T.

For one glorious moment, I thought it was a Bugatti Type 35. Then I realized the tail isn’t tapered.

jasonh is right- it’s a sort of replica of a Model T.

WOW. Bucket T was my thought.

Is the car in a complete form by now , or still unfinished ?

It might be worth looking into finishing the car , as it looks about 90 percent complete and sell it for perhaps a better price.


Younguns these days! In my day folks SANG about those!

Bucket T-T, Bucket T, Bucket T!

Those are really modern brakes disguised as old ones, right?

With the right buyer Auntie might recoup some of what her husband dropped on it.

If so, they’re not disguised very well. I’m pretty sure the blue ring inside the wheel is the painted outer rim of a rotor.

Sweet ride!

I’m no mechanic, but those look like drum brakes to me. They may be modern drum brakes, but aren’t rotors on disk brakes?

Yes… I was saying I think Grandpa used disc brakes instead of drums. Actually, now that I look at the image that shows the rear of the blue thing, it is a drum.

Is the body steel or fiberglas? A steel body is generally worth more than a fiberglas one. There should be some kind of paperwork around that has the name of the company that made the body on it. Some replica bodies go for more than others, so knowing who made it could add a couple of grand to the price.

The engine is a 2.3L iron block Ford engine with an Esslinger aluminum head. I wonder why he didn’t just pull a 2.3L turbo and 5 speed from a T-bird?