What kind of church needs to close for 6 weeks for maintenance?

This is a non-Pit worthy rant.

I run the nursery at our church and I’ve just been told that we can’t operate for 6 weeks this summer for maintenance issues.

The church will still operate but the adjacent school/auxillary building which is used for all meetings/gatherings/nursery etc. will be closed.

I was told they just couldn’t get the necessary maintenance done last summer because people kept using the rooms and messing stuff up, so they decided to close it this year.

ARGH! This is hardly the only building in the world in continuous use! Somehow maintenance people all over the world manage to keep their facilities beautifully despite the ravages of their heartless users.

This school has been here since 1953 for pete’s sake. How did they keep it from falling down before now?

Sorry, lame. Don’t dare complain though. If you complain you get asked if you’d like to head a committee about that. That’s how I ended up in charge of the nursery.

Yeah, but most buildings in existence that have continuous running during the summer don’t have little kids inhabiting vast portions of it.

I used to work a janitorial / maintenance job for a High School and let me tell you, it takes forever to get floors stripped, primed, sealed, and re-waxed, and carpets cleaned, and any painting done…you see the point. It’d take even longer if we had had to completely pack everything up and shut it down every Friday for the weekend.

PLUS the fumes and chemicals involved in all that work aren’t the healthiest in the world and are probably quite dangerous to small, developing systems, such as would be involved with a nursery.
Therefore, to make sure the fumes dissipated enough, they’d be able to work maybe Monday-Wednesday, and have to air out the rooms Thursday & Friday, and even that probably wouldn’t guarantee it would be safe for the kidlets.
It’s probably a two-fold reason for closure : first, so they can get it done in the minimum amount of time and hassle, and second for legal / health regulation reasons, due to the fumes, vapors, etc. having to have a chance to vent out, and vent out well before the kids are allowed near the area again.