What kind of crime would killing an unborn fetus be?

Here is a true personal anecdote:

I once had a teacher who was pregnant. A guy I knew absolutely hated her, and said once that he wanted to put an abortion pill in her coffee.

He never did this, by the way. (This was 2 years ago.)

If he had, and it had succeeded in aborting her baby, and he was caught, what crime could he be charged with (besides poisoning?) Unlawful abortion?

In Indiana he could have been charged with murder or manslaughter, depending on the other facts of the case, if the fetus had become viable, or with feticide if it had not.

(Indiana criminal code, sections on offenses against the person)

In a majority of states (32) he could have been charged with some form of fetal homicide. He’d likely have been prosecuted more or less the same as premeditated murder.