sets their alarm for 8:00 AM on a Sunday morning, AFTER THEY WILL LEAVE FOR THE MORNING, and then wakes up before their alarm goes off and LEAVES and leaves the alarm to ring for THIRTY-FIVE GODDAMN MINUTES? What kind of alarm clock even RINGS for thirty-five minutes?

I translated until three in the FUCKING MORNING and all I ask is just to SLEEP IN ON SUNDAY and if I find out who you are I WILL EAT YOUR FIRSTBORN YOU MOTHERFUCKER.


“What kind of demented beast”? The kind of person asking to have said alarm clock shoved up places it was not designed to fit into?

Hey, I thought you were a vegetarian! :smiley:

No, I just hate plants.

Justifiable homicide. If I were on the jury, I’d vote to aquit.

And probably vote to give you a cookie and a medal.

I had a neighbour who used to do this. He’d leave and the alarm clock would go off later.

So I started going down to the basement and shutting off the power to his apartment.


So how many times did you have to do that before he got the message?

Excellent rant!

The kind of self absorbed, sadistic twisted bastard who believes that if he has to be up at a Godawful time of morning on a Sunday, everyone else should suffer with him. These people should be taught the error of their ways. Ice Wolf’s method is good…

Just how thin are the walls in your apartment? Can you hear your neighbor fart?


Apparently my neighbor’s alarm is quieter, but by 9 AM he always has a lawn mower, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, or some other god-awful piece of loud motorized mayhem going at full blast.

And my sister… If I miss a regular Sunday morning breakfast with her (which we both accasionally skip without telling each other, as it’s a larger group of 6 of us that get together), she will come to my house and bang on the door until I get up and answer, because she’s “concerned about my health”. I am almost never sick, which she knows, so I think she just wants to stick her nose into my business to see if I’ve found a girlfriend yet.

Most of these things don’t actually wake me however, because I have to be to work by 630AM five days a week, and my sleep patterns are pretty solidly adjusted to it. Still, no lying in quiet comfort to read a book, or listen to some good music, or…

What the hell are you doing still in bed at 8 a.m. Sheesh.

And don’t tell me that it was Sunday. Nothing special about Sunday. You are not a Christian are you?

Please don’t take my post too seriously. I always seem to get up by 4:30 a.m., two hours before the alarm.

Me? What are you doing in bed before 3 AM?

I’m married. What do you think?

Sleeping :slight_smile:

Best line.

Long ago, back in when I was still in mandatory national service, one of the brainless idiots leave his alarm clock for 4am in the f’ing morning.

I have no idea why, but everyone slept like a log in the bunk except me, a super-ultra-light-sleeper. And only I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, and I have to stumble to the clock and shut off the alarm. And I can forget about sleeping for the next few hours.

Roll call is at 8am. Oh boy, how I hated those days.

That was actually the noise I made when I leapt from my bed in an apoplectic rage.

Yeah, yeah…I will take your annoying neighbours alarm clock and raise you a wood planer at daybreak.

I used to live in a garage apartment between two houses. My landlady owned the apartment but the neighbour owned the garage. Supposedly he was a carpenter but I never witnessed him build anything. However, he would get up at first light and begin to run rough-sawn boards through his enormous wood planer. For those of you who have never heard such machinery, it is loud. Really loud. Imagine a freight train running full speed and then having to screech to a halt. Then imagine said train doing this right next to your ear and you will almost get the picture. He did this Every. Freaking. Day.

The train that ran through my backyard didn’t bother me nearly as much as this guy.

Sounds like the annoying neighbor I had in a college dorm. He constantly let his alarm clock ring all day while he was out. It played this little 5-second melody over and over for hours; that melody is now stuck in my head for all eternity. This was a kid who also played gangsta rap music at full volume, and rapped along to it at the top of his voice. If I tried to turn on my stereo to counter his, usually playing Miles Davis or Jimi Hendrix, he’d come to my door demanding I turn down my crappy music because he needed to “study.” When he got back, the gangsta rap started again.