What Kind Of Doctors Perform Abortions

I mean like there are ear nose and throat doctors, dermatologists, surgeons, GPs, gynecologists and such. What type of doctor do you have to be to perform an abortion?

An abortionist. I imagine that most abortionists are OB/GYNs since they specialize in that area.

Hmmm…could a General Surgeon do the procedure?

Hmmm…could a General Surgeon do the procedure?

A gynecologist performs abortions.

They’re not difficult procedures, in the first trimester. While they’re typically been done by ob/gyn docs, many GPs, surgeons, and docs trained in Family Medicine are (or have been) able to do them.

I’ve never done them myself, but I did plenty of D & C’s on women for (nonpregnant) dysfunctional uterine bleeding, back in the day. Which is essentially the same procedure, just with a different purpose.

It’s not part of the regular general surgery residency, but one could certainly obtain the necessary training (either as a resident or later) if one was so inclined.

Are medical students normally taught how to perform an abortion?

Sounds like they are, albeit in a slightly indirect method:

Given the number and severity of complications that can arise from a badly done abortion, I’m hoping that doctors (Family medicine and general practitioners, at least) do get some training on it.

No. This is not the sort of thing that you would allow a med student to do. Med students learn how to put in IVs, suture simple lacerations, and maybe catch a baby if they are lucky. A med student may observe at an abortion, but that’s about it; and the student would have to go out of their way to get to see one, IME.

If a med student wants to learn to perform abortions, they would do so during their residency, and would likely do so only if they specifically sought out the experience. It’s not like you can force every OB/GYN resident in the US to perform at least one abortion before they finish residency, in the way that you can require minimum numbers of other kinds of surgical cases.

I’ve never heard any physician of any specialty self-identify as an abortionist.

The last time I heard that term used was when I was on the jury in a criminal case. Both lawyers and the judge used it.

The one I know of around here is an obstetric surgeon.

Why not? Or does this stray in GD territory?

According to Planned Parenthood among other organizations, adequate training in abortion and contraceptive procedures for medical students is a big problem. In less than 1/4 of OB/GYN residency programs is training in abortion procedures even required.

I’m guessing s/he was convicted?

Were they doctors?

Lawyers and judges use the term “partial-birth abortion” too, even though there is no such medical procedure. The anti-abortion movement has been very successful at incoporating its rhetorical language into mainstream vocabulary. That doesn’t mean it has any medical legitimacy.

As Dio said, it’s simply a rhetorically-charged term with no significant medical relevance. There’s no medical subspecialty in “abortion”.

To add on to Qadgop’s response, I would say that in my personal experience, all of the abortuses I’ve examined have come from an OB/GYN. Given rising malpractice insurance rates and “turf battles” over procedures, I’d be surprised if very many FM docs or general surgeons were doing them these days.

But I’m sure OB/GYN residents have to do a certain number of D&Cs, at least, which would be functionally the same procedure (for early terminations).

No, it was a statutory rape case and the supposed victim changed her testimony while on the stand. At first she claimed the defendent to her to “an abortionist” then on cross she claimed her had her drink bleach followed be a shot of liquor and didn’t get sick.