What kind of food do you feed you cat?

So we did a thread on feeding you dog, now let’s let the kitties get in on the fun!

I have two kittens and they eat Purina Kitten Chow exclusively, well except for when they get a nibble from someone’s tuna sandwich.

What about you?

We feed my sister’s cat Meow Mix, just the dry stuff. He loves it, especially when you alternate flavors after a while. It’s funny to see how much he enjoys getting a different flavor.
He’s not a very picky cat. We’ll fill his bowl with food and he grazes whenever he feels hungry. But the lady next door feeds him some type of canned food (she’s convinced that my family never eats him) and he eats mice, birds, and bunnies when he can bother to catch them.

Oh no. I mean to include a “Raw/homemade option”


There was no way to pick more than one option, so I will clarify: my kitty does not like much wet food. He will occasionally want a little wet food, but mostly prefers dry. He will not eat cheap food. So I feed him moderately-priced dry food. BUT every so often (a few times a year) he will begin regurgitating his food, mostly undigested. This is my cue that he needs a bag of Iams, a high-priced dry food. I feed one bag of Iams, then he’s back to his Friskies or whatever, and he’s fine.

My cat get’s Iam’s hairball formula dry food to eat as desired, and 1/2 can of Fancy Feast (3 oz size) of various flavors at night, with a bedtime snack of a few “Temptations” cat treats.

No options for multiple choice answers!

That’s why I couldn’t vote either. I feed mine Meow Mix for whenever he wants- it’s always in the bowl for him, a packet of Whiskas wet food in the mornings, and he is a horrible food thief who will steal right off your plate (or out of your mouth even if you are eating bacon) if he thinks he can get away with it. He also gets the occasional treat of “people food” but in his dish to break the stealing food habit, and in very small amounts and infrequent times.

Let’s hope it never comes to that.

Multiple answers for multiple cats. The usual dry mix for the indoor kitties is Purina One and Iams Hairball Control. But since we got Caelan, we’ve folded Science Diet into the mix for the growing boy. They also share an envelope of Friskies for breakfast. The outdoor herd get Meow Mix dry and whatever the cheapest canned stuff is at WallyWorld.

Haha, wow. That’s a pretty good typo.
Well, you gotta start somewhere, you know? All of those free range cats roaming the neighborhood are like walking kitty hams. You have to take advantage of that when the times are tough!

(I meant “feeds”. I must’ve been hungry when I was typing that post.)

Marco gets Friskies Feline Favorites. Because that is ALL he will eat. He once lapped some chicken broth for 20 seconds and once ate a bite of chicken. (It came right back up.) He will sniff, but never, ever eat anything other than FFF. I would happily buy Iams, little cans of duck and shrimp, I would cook for him. But he won’t have any of it. I’ve tried.

I feed mine raw. :slight_smile: They get mostly meat, uncooked bones, some organs.

Another two choice person here. I mixture of dry and wet Blue Buffalo food.

My kitty doesn’t get much ‘raw/homemade’ food, but when I thaw out chicken thighs to make something out of for supper, I give him the ‘juice’ that stays on the plate. He luuuuuurves it! :wink:

Some things, he doesn’t really like, he just seems to like the smell of. When I’m prepping strawberries to serve, he’ll sit on the floor, with his front paws on my thigh, sniffing. But I tried feeding him a bit of strawberry, and he wanted nothing to do with it. . .kittehs is weird.

My option is missing, too.

Prescription “kidney” diet for all of them. I’ve got one who has a liver shunt along with mineralization issues (he forms urate stones) so he needs tightly controlled urine Ph, low protein, and lots of moisture. The others are all older, <7 years, so kidney diet is okay for them, too, and it’s easier to feed them all the same.

So, 4 cats: 1 can of canned k/d split 4 ways and with a tablespoon (15ml) of warm water added to each bowl, mixed well, then 1/2 cup of k/d kibble split 4 ways, in a little pile along the side of the bowls. Twice a day.

I have no fat kitties, they are all svelte and perfect!

So my option would be, without “prescription diet” available, at least the “expensive canned” along with “expensive dry”.

I feed grain free Wellness brand wet and Natural Balance grain free dry.

Two cats are on special dry food for kidney problems, and the third eats the dry cheapo store brand because he hates the expensive stuff.

They all get canned food now and then as a treat.

I give my 2 kitties canned Friskies; I had been giving them dry food as well, but they started gaining weight. Now their weight is back to normal.

A couple of years ago I bought some 9 Lives, on sale. I wound up cutting my hand very badly from the lid; needed 9 stitches and a tetanus shot. Back to Friskies.

Raw whole animal parts only for the last 5 years. They have flawless teeth (and health).

Raw cubed chicken breast,rare broiled beef,low mercury tuna and a sprinkle of wellness grain free.

Premium wet food only. One of mine is prone to struvite formation, so I stick to wet for the moisture content and “no-grain”, high protein premium foods for hopefully more complete ( and natural ) acidification. A little ( also pricey, but more carb-loaded ) prescription food is slipped in at irregular intervals.

As to teeth, one has always had perfect teeth, the other so-so ( needs cleaning ). The difference seems to come down more to genetics than diet.