What kind of job will hire a 19-year-old for 4 to 6 weeks?

“Delivery boy/girl wanted, 18-21 preferred. 4 to 6 weeks, get out in the open, meet interesting people. Irregular pay, but make lots of money. Driving skills a must. Should supply own bulletproof vest and know how to keep mouth shut about employer.”

No, seriously. I’m looking for a job. Due to me doing off-campus study in the Boundary Waters from June 17 to July 17, I’ll only be home for a 4-week chunk, and then a 6-week chunk a month later.

Also, seeing as I’ll be moving to an urban area in the fall, I’ll probably need a little more money to get by. Food and such will probably be more expensive in Madison than it was in Hole in the Ground, Wisconsin. In addition, I may want to stay up there next summer in a rented house with 4 or 5 buddies, and having work experience would make it easier to get a job.

Background on me: Up until now, I’ve only worked volunteer jobs. These were informal, set-your-own hours type of gigs, although some of them did have scheduled work days I had to make. I often showed up on Saturdays at 9 AM and cut buckthorn all morning.

Will anyone hire someone in my situation? If so, what do I tell the employer in the job interview? How do I say that I’ll only be here for four to six weeks?

Remember that I’m living in Jerkwater now, so the only job opportunities will be at malls and restaurants.

Even Jerkwaters have them, oftentimes.

You can tell them your availability and they’ll try to match you up with a job that roughly corresponds.

These can be anything from clerical to store work in crunch times (holiday or inventory seasons.)

Worth a try.

Also, consider that volunteer work looks as good as a job on the application of a very young person.

Another vote for temp agencies, if you can find one. They can line you up with a job lasting anywhere from two weeks to a year (that’s how I’m getting employed for my year at home before I start my life again).



How rural is your Jerkwater? There’s always seasonal farm labour to be done in the summer, and most places I’ve worked at are used to having people come and go.

Of course, most farm labour is nasty, brutish work. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you can’t find something better.

I knew a guy who used to work part time as an inventory counter, and he made decent money for this. Not much training needed, and four to six weeks of it is about all a person can stand at a time. He had a regular full-time job as well, but he’d put in time doing inventory to rake in some extra bucks. It’s boring, but it WILL give you incentive to study hard, so you’re not stuck doing this forever.

summer camp counselor / lifeguard

Others have mentioned temp work and I’ll second it. Of course, it really helps if you can type well and have basic computer skills. Plus, as much as it sucks, having a “professional” appearance, i.e. no piercings, dreds, or wierd hair colors, is pretty much a necessity for temp work.

Thanks everyone. I’ll try looking for temp work, even though I’m not sure they’d take me. I looked in the phone book and found about 20 temp agencies. How do I know which one to choose?

I know someone who works at Barnes & Noble, and I’m going to ask her about possibly getting the six-week job there. Or if they’d let me work there all summer but take the four weeks for Hippie School. I figure it can’t hurt to ask, and I’d probably enjoy that job a lot more than office work.

Of course, there’s always the take-some-job-and-quit-after-four-weeks route. I don’t know how much of a good idea that is, though.

I’ve had good experiences with a temp agency called “Adecco”. Since I’ve used them in both Hawaii and Pennsylvania, they should be in Wisconsin as well. I wouldn’t go the work-four-weeks-and-quit route myself. Among other things, there’s a chance you might want or need to go back there. Also, there’s nothing wrong with being signed up with more than one temp agency. Not long after I started my last temp job, a different agency called me and asked if could go back to a client I’d temped at a few weeks ago. When I said I had job, they increased the pay I was offered, but I could walk to the first job. Besides, the first job led to full time permanent employment and made it possible for me to get the good job I have now.

Good luck,