What kind of laptop should I get?

I’m thinking about getting a laptop for school. I’d love to get a high-end system, but it’s not realistic. What I really need is something for writing papers, taking notes, and getting online, as I can always use my desktop for anything else. My list of requirements:
[li]Enough hard drive space to have a reasonable number of mp3s[/li][li]Wireless capability (I do have a wireless card, but I’ve been told it may have issues with the campus wireless network)[/li]li Can run Office XP for ease of compatibility with my desktop[/li][li]Cheap, relatively speaking. I’m planning on asking for this for Christmas, but have no independently wealthy friends/family (the idea is to ask people to chip in what they can afford, as we’ve done that successfully for many friends before)[/li][li]Not overly heavy. I’ll be lugging it around campus daily along with anything else I might need that day.[/li][/ul]
I’m just so used to custom-building systems that I have no idea which manufacturers are more reliable, and I have very little idea as to what’s out there. So, with all that in mind, recommend away!

I asked something similar recently, in this thread and got some good responses.

You may be looking for some different info, but what’s there might help you out.

At My last job, I had a Dell Latitude 400C That would meet most of your requirements, except possibily the Wireless. Although It looks like the new ones have it.

Since you want cheaper, I would recommend the following, regardless of the manufacturer:
Go through the website & spec out what you are looking for. Most will list the weight so you can get an idea of the luggability factor.

Then, specs in hand, go to the USED (ie Refurbished) section of their website & see if they have what you want there. Much cheaper & you can get it with the same warranty/service contract that you get on a new one.

& I heartily recommend shelling out the money for full blown service contract. These things cover just about everything that could go wrong. Dell in particular has good service, at least on the machines I have dealt with (not many problems, but the few I had were promptly fixed).

That said, I most recently acquired a VAIO, which I like. However, it will most definately NOT meet your weight requirements.